In This Announcement From Activation Products, You’ll Discover…

Why This Miraculous Plant-Extract Is
Leaving Doctors PERPLEXED

As It Targets The Root Cause Of Weakened Immunity By Revitalizing Your
‘Master Repair Mechanism’ In Just 14 Seconds Per Day

Read On To Find Out…

The 4 steps to Perfect Immunity, and how to get there in 14 seconds per day

Why the Ministry of Health refused to research this plant - even after being presented with hundreds of
accounts of this plant REVERSING disease

A potent chemical that you can find in BLUEBERRIES to overhaul your Master Repair Mechanism

Can this simple plant really stop you from being seen as fragile and jaded to your friends and family?
We think it can

How this plant helped an extraordinarily severe case REVERSE itself in just 2 months

The exact nutrient your body needs to fight disease at a faster rate

Take a look at the image below.

While it may look strange…

You’ll shortly find out why it could be the most important image you’ll ever view.

Because, while they may not look like much, the plant roots in that image are the most powerful immune boosters in the world.

And in this short letter, you’re going to find how these plant roots can help you:

Fight disease and illness with the same strength and vigor that you had in your 20s…

No longer be seen as fragile and have full confidence in your ability to recover from ailments…

Potentially live longer - meaning you’d get to see your grandchildren grow up and become adults…

Have the vibrance of a 20 year old - who folks see and say “Gosh! I hope I’m that energetic and youthful when I’m her age…”

This plant has been used for centuries in Africa as a cold, flu and respiratory tract treatment.

It’s loaded with a rare chemical that overhauls your body’s ability to regenerate and produce disease-
fighting cells.

As you’ll see, it’s an incredible remedy that could keep you healthy and disease-free long into your retirement.

Do you realize what this means?

You’d no longer stress about the consequences of falling ill…

Or being left bed-ridden for months after a bad fall.

You’d get to live like you were twenty years old again - without a layer of ‘bubble wrap’ on, calculating every step you take.

You’d feel true confidence in your body’s ability to recover and heal from illness and injury…

And when you gather the family for Christmas dinner…

They won’t help but gush…

“You look amazing!”

Now all of that may sound like some sort of far-away fantasy, but I assure you, it’s very real.

Thousands of people around the world have been using this plant's root to alleviate the most complex and dooming illnesses for hundreds of years.

And in this short letter I’m going to show you how it can OVERHAUL your body’s immunity from the cellular level up - no matter how old you are.

But just before I get into the details of this immunity breakthrough, you need to understand WHY your immunity weakens each year in the first place.

The truth is, your immunity has little to do with your
diet, exercise, or genetics.

No, the reason your immunity depletes as you age is simple:

It’s because of your body’s built-in ‘Master Repair Mechanism’...

Which I’ll get into in just a moment.

For now, I want you to think back to the last time you were truly confident in your health.

Was it ten years ago?


Maybe even 30?

The reason I ask is because you might feel like your body is ‘giving out’ on you as you grow older.

And I’m here to tell you that’s no way to live.

Before pollutants, heavy metals, big pharma, and environmental toxins...

Human immunity used to get stronger with age.

But today?

The oldest members of our society are left behind as their bodies deteriorate faster and faster.

Which means that instead of enjoying life with your children, your significant other, and your friends...

You’re too busy thinking about your health… and the consequences of getting sick in these precious years...

You aren’t confident in your body’s ability to heal itself...

And if you don’t make a change...

You could risk spending the rest of your life reliant on the big-pharma funded healthcare system...

In and out of doctors offices...

And constantly thinking to yourself...

“It didn’t used to be like this!“

Now, think back to when you were in your 20s.

You didn’t have a care in the world. Coming down with a flu was just a minor inconvenience...

And your body seemed to heal itself at light speed.

So I present you with a question...

What would you give to get back that care-free lifestyle you once lived?

To live your golden years with robustness against disease?

To have true confidence in your body’s natural healing abilities?

Because today’s immunity breakthrough can help you achieve all of the above.

And once I explain how it works, you'll see how it can help support your body in dealing with:



The flu...


Common cold...



Nasal congestion...

Lung function...



I would be too.

But that’s until you realize that there are over 40 studies proving its ability to quickly treat immune issues…

Meaning you won’t spend the Winter sniffing, coughing, and waking up in cold sweats.

The root also increases your natural healing ability - according to Kamal Patel, who was named one of the ‘most influential men in health and fitness’.

So you won’t have to rely on over-the-counter medicines, boring diets and strict regiments in order to have confidence in your immunity.

And here’s the fascinating part:

In the 1930s, a book was published detailing hundreds of accounts from Doctors and patients around the UK, who had relieved themselves of all types of ailments using the plant in this letter.


You can’t find that book anywhere...

Almost as if it’s been hidden from the public.

But more on that shortly.

First you need to know I am, and why you should listen to me.

I’m Ian Clark, and I’m the founder of Activation Products.

While my name might be new to you, you may know my company.

We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of healing superfoods from all over the world… including:

Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, which helps over 300,000 American’s manage 67 different health problems and ailments…

EASE Magnesium Spray, which over 550,000 Americans use to alleviate their levels of stress and sleep better…

That’s why more than 1 million customers from around the world have been counting on us since 2011 to keep them pain-free, energetic & young-looking far into their golden years.

It’s also why I’ve rushed you this special announcement. To tell you about a new health breakthrough that dates back centuries.

In all my years of researching and manufacturing the most potent superfoods available on the planet, I’ve never seen something quite like it.

The results of this immunity breakthrough will totally renew your body’s ability to fight disease.

That’s because it targets the root cause of weakened immunity - the Master Repair Mechanism.

Now this might sound like science fiction to you… But I assure you it’s real.

In fact... this is how I used to look:

I was overweight, depressed, and sick. My body was degenerating.

I was let down by the medical-industrial complex.

The doctors told me I had 1000 days left to live.

And that’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I made a promise to myself that I would do everything in my power to get healthy.

With the help of my sons, I scoured every corner of the world in search of the natural remedies that could help me regain my health.

I ended up discovering a number of superfoods and substances that revitalized me from the cellular level up.

And I’d say it went pretty well...

Because that’s how I look today.

Some would say I ‘aged backwards’. And they wouldn’t be totally wrong.

I’m at a healthy weight.

My skin is clear.

And every morning I wake up supple, relaxed and energized - as if I could spring out of bed.

I say none of this to brag, but simply to show you what’s possible when you put your mind to it.

And also to show you that you can trust me.

Because while I may not have a PhD. in Medical Science...

I care enough about my own health - and your health - to only provide the most powerful natural superfoods available to mankind.

That means hundreds - sometimes thousands of hours of research and testing.

And a whole lot of self experimentation.

Because I would never ask ANYONE to take something that I wouldn’t take myself.

And that’s why I ask you to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.

Because, while doing my research on today’s Immunity Breakthrough…

I stumbled upon some information that I believe was purposely suppressed from public knowledge.

And if you know Activation Products, you know that we aren’t the types to shy away from uncomfortable truths.

As a result, I don’t know how much longer we’ll be able to keep this page online - so please, read on while you still can.

How Today’s Plant Breakthrough Defeated The Most
Successful Pathogen Of All Time

Sometimes in my research I come across information that is downright harrowing.

And today is no exception.

While I was navigating online libraries and medical archives, I kept seeing the same book referenced across multiple studies.

It was a book published in the 1930s titled:

The Doom of 150,000 People In Great Britain

The book is not available to purchase anywhere.

I couldn’t find it on Amazon. On eBay. Or on any of the biggest online book stores.

I then turned to archives and online PDF-banks.

And I still couldn’t find it.

It seemed like the book had been totally ‘scrubbed’ from the internet - as if someone didn’t want me to find it.

But I wouldn’t give up.

Something told me that I needed to find out what was in this book.

So I continued my search.

And what I found shocked me to my core.

The book detailed doctors notes, patients accounts, and testimonials showing today’s Plant
Extract reversing numerous ailments and health issues.

It was written after a desperate attempt was made to convince Britain’s Health Minister to consider today’s plant as a Nationwide remedy for Tuberculosis (TB) and other illnesses.

Here’s why.

TB was RIFE in Great Britain during the 30s.

How rife?

Well, in the beginning of the book, it’s mentioned that a person would die of TB every 13 minutes.

And if the Minister of Health had listened and pushed for today’s plant to be used as a treatment...

They would have prevented the deaths of over 150,000 British people.

(According to the authors)

Unnerving, I know.

But the doctors and patients in the book knew one thing:

These plant roots were not just alleviating symptoms of poor immunity...

But they were helping patients make full recoveries.

TB patients resting on their beds by the River Thames, London, 1936

“It’s been responsible for what are described as “marvelous” and “miraculous” treatments - often
accomplished after orthodox doctors had tried every means known to them, and when patients had been
sent home with the hopeless verdict that nothing more could be done for them.”

-Chapter 1, Introduction

We’re talking cold, hard evidence that was read in the House of Commons before the Minister of Health.

Hundreds of testimonies, confirmed by patients, family members, and doctors all over the UK where a patient was totally alleviated of their issues.

Have a quick read through these few example:

“An Extraordinarily Severe Case Cured”

“A Doctor Perplexed”

“I Know My Life Was Saved By The Plant”

“Do Not Lightly Pass Over These Claims”

Remember that:

1. Many of these people were ill with TB for long periods...

2. Nearly all of them were certified, usually by more than one qualified doctor, as
suffering from TB…

3. Rapid improvement occurred in many cases after taking the plant root...

4. And qualified doctors found no trace of illness after the treatment took place...

But despite all of this, the Health Minister showed no interest.

“The minister replied to the effect that his attention had been directed to the treatment, but that his department went to show that the claims made could not be sustained.”

That’s right. Despite the mountains of evidence...

Hundreds of patient accounts...

And even Doctors testifying on behalf of the plants effectiveness...

The Minister refused to change his stance.

I couldn’t tell you why he refused to look further into the plant, but I have my suspicions.

(Big pharma came out with their own ‘medicine’ a few years later - make your own conclusions)

Now this isn’t a conspiracy theory. Or pseudo-science. Or ‘woo’.

The facts were simple.

The plant was helping patients strengthen their immune system.

The folks standing before the British Health Minister knew it back in the 30s. And numerous studies have proven the same thing today.

Which begs the question...

How could this strange looking plant root help hundreds of patients - some on the brink of death - make full recoveries?

The answer lies in your body’s Master Repair Mechanism...

And in order for you to understand how you can better protect your immunity...

Renew your vitality...

And reclaim the durability you had in your 20s...

You must understand...

What Your Master Repair Mechanism Is - And Why It
Breaks Down As You Age

And the answer is simple:

It all comes down to your cellular replacement.

See, your entire body is made up of tiny little cells...

...32 trillion of them to be exact...

And if you watched your cells under a microscope, you’d see that new ones are constantly being created.

Your skin cells replicate and produce more skin.

hair cells replicate and produce more hair.

Your blood cells replicate and produce more blood.

The same is true for every single cell in your body.
You might have even heard the saying...
Every 7 years, your body replaces itself.

And it’s all because of your body’s Master Repair Mechanism.

Like I said, your body is made up of trillions and trillions of tiny little cells. And each of those cells have a limited lifespan...

Meaning that after a certain amount of time... they die.

But thanks to your Master Repair Mechanism, your body is able to replace all of those dying cells using ‘Parent Cells’.

This is how your body naturally works

These ‘Parent Cells’ Can Produce Any Type Of Cell In
Your Body

From organ cells…

To skin cells…

And most importantly…

They Produce White Blood Cells.

If you paid attention in your high school biology class, you might remember that White Blood Cells (WBCs) protect your body against infections, diseases, and sickness.

Simply put…

WBCs act as an ‘army’ against unknown organisms that find their way into your system. (Viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc)

They locate the site of an infection and fight the invading organism by producing antibody proteins to attach to the organism and destroy it.

WBCs under a microscope

Why is this relevant?

Because your WBCs are the core function that allow you to fight off disease and sickness.

And your WBCs are produced by your Parent Cells.

And your body’s ability to produce Parent Cells - well, that’s what we call the Master Repair Mechanism.

Can you see where I’m going with this, and why today’s letter is imperative for your immune health?

Let me explain.

When you get ill, your body releases a signal, causing your Parent Cells to create White Blood Cells.

These WBCs then find and neutralize foreign debris, bacteria, viruses, fungi while cleaning up damaged/dead cells.

When you were young, your Master Repair Mechanism was at its strongest.

That’s because your body had more Parent Cells circulating - so you were able to produce White Blood Cells more efficiently.

Which is why you seemed to recover from injuries and illness much faster in your twenties.

Here’s the problem though.

As you grow older, your body’s Master Repair Mechanism weakens, so your Parent Cell count decreases.


Your body’s ability to produce White Blood Cells becomes inhibited.

(Because, as I mentioned earlier, these Parent Cells are what make your White Blood Cells)

You’re probably starting to connect the dots.

Your body’s ability to produce White Blood Cells dwindles with age.

And that is why your immunity seems to grow weaker with each year.

Why ‘harmless’ ailments like the flu seem to hit you like a mule-kick to the gut, leaving you sniffing, coughing, and sneezing for weeks…

It’s also why a healthy diet, strong training program, and good sleep are NOT enough to tackle your immunity problem - because they don’t target the root cause of your weakening immune system…

Master Repair Mechanism.

And mark my words - immunity isn’t the only problem you'll face with a weakened Master Repair Mechanism.

Let me explain.

Since your Master Repair Mechanism can no longer keep up with your dying cells…

(your cells are constantly dying and replacing themselves)

You’ll also start to age faster and faster…

The skin around your neck and chin starts to become droopy… wrinkly and saggy…

Your bones and muscles become weaker…

Your immune response becomes slower, and more sluggish…

And potentially worst of all…

The people you love the most start to view you as fragile and old.

But let me be clear:

I’m not trying to fear monger. I’m here to provide a solution.

Remember the ‘Parent Cells’ I mentioned earlier?

The cells that create your White Blood Cells?


The scientific name for these ‘Parent Cells’ is Stem Cells…

And as you read this letter…

Scientists around the globe are in a frenzy to find new ways to use these cells to help older folks recover from hundreds of illnesses…

Because they believe that stem cells are the key to staying robust as you age…

Reviving your immunity…

And even extending your lifespan.

Meaning, that by supercharging your Master Repair Mechanism…

You wouldn’t have to go through life wrapped in a ‘symbolic’ layer of bubble wrap…

You’d be able to go on that Winter ski trip with your family… without constantly worrying about being a burden to them and ruining the vacation…

You’d be able to keep up with your hyperactive grandkids - chasing them around the garden, smiling at the innocent joy in their eyes.

The truth is… this is all possible thanks to the African Plant Root I’m about to show you…

It contains a chemical that naturally increases your Stem Cell count…

Meaning your body would be able to produce more White Blood Cells…

And defend against foreign invaders, disease, and illness…

It’s about time I show you the African plant root that could supercharge your immune strength:

It’s Called Umckaloabo.

In the highest altitudes of Mount Lesotho, South Africa, grows a magnificent plant named Umckaloabo.

(Pronounced um-ka-loh-ah-bo)

Because of the harsh environments of the region, the soil in which the plant grows is largely untouched by modern civilization.

The result?

A potent, effective plant remedy, pure and devoid of any man made GMOs, toxins, and fertilizers.

That’s why the locals have used it for hundreds of years to help combat viral colds, flu, diarrhea, and respiratory tract infections.

It’s also why I’ve brought you today's announcement.

Because numerous studies have shown that ONE chemical in this plant can amplify your stem cell activity…

Meaning that you’d be able to produce White Blood Cells at a more efficient rate - even as you age…

And fight off disease, foreign invaders, and pathogens with the immunity of a twenty year old.

The Chemical Is Called Anthocyanin, and Umckaloabo Contains A Mighty Dose Of It.

Anthocyanin is an antioxidant.

You can find small traces of anthocyanin in some household fruits - like blueberries, for example.

But here’s the interesting part.

Anthocyanins can reduce inflammation and help your body protect you from cancer, Alzheimers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, to name a few.

Don’t take my word for it, though.

Here’s what the studies say

Inflammatory Support

“In a 12-week study in 169 people with high cholesterol, supplementing with 320 mg of anthocyanins twice per day significantly reduced markers of inflammation.”

“Plus, in a 4-week study, people with and without overweight or obesity who took 320 mg of anthocyanins daily had significantly lower blood markers of inflammation.”

Protects Against Type 2 Diabetes

“Studies suggest that anthocyanin may improve your body’s ability to recognize and use insulin, thereby preventing blood sugar levels from spiking.”

“One review suggests that people who regularly eat these foods have a 15% lower risk of this condition.”

Support Your Body In The Fight Against Cancer

“Anthocyanins are classified as flavonoids, a group of antioxidants believed to have strong cancer-fighting abilities”

“Anthocyanins may fight free radicals, lower inflammation, and prevent DNA damage — all factors which may help prevent tumor formation”

Helps You Improve Your Brain Function

“Diets rich in anthocyanins may improve verbal learning and memory in children, adults, and older adults with cognitive impairment”

“Some studies suggest that anthocyanins may help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease”

And Most Importantly - Anthocyanins Help Revitalize Your Master Repair Mechanism

“Anthocyanins Increase Stem Cell Proliferation And Improve Neurogenesis With Aging”

That’s right.

When you take Umckaloabo, you revitalize your Master Repair Mechanism (Stem Cells)…

Which allows your body to produce White Blood Cells at an increased rate.

White Blood Cells are the cells that identify, capture, and destroy foreign invaders and viruses that enter your system.

Which means you’ll reduce the duration of the common cold this Winter…

You’ll catch infections MUCH less often…

And you’ll feel confident in yourself, knowing that your immune system is ONLY going to get stronger as you age.

And that’s not all…

Further Studies Show That Umckaloabo Can:

Revitalize your sinus cleaning
and mucus removal by 33%!

Increase your viral defense system by 200%!

10-FOLD the suppression of human coronavirus!

Umckaloabo Contains A Host Of Immune-Amplifying Chemicals Produced By None Other Than Mother Nature

Gallic Acids

Regulates your immune system

Acts as a natural defense against microbial infections

Fights pathogens that are found in many canned foods


Protects pancreatic cells from damage

Acts as a natural anti-diabetic agent

Blocks bacteria from adapting to your body’s defense systems


Neutralizes free radicals and protects you from DNA damage

Suppresses allergies naturally

Increases oxygen consumption and athletic performance

The Umckaloabo Plant Gives You Perfect
Immunity In 4-Core Ways:


Umckaloabo stops viruses from attaching to cells and replicating.

Umckaloabo coats the respiratory tract, inhibiting the virus from infecting cells. It then instructs the body to destroy already infected cells to prevent replication.


Umckaloabo removes unhealthy bacteria and inhibits attachment to healthy cells.

Umckaloabo empowers white blood cells to attack unhealthy bacteria and coats the respiratory tract to prevent bacteria from attaching to healthy cells.


Umckaloabo boosts and balances the immune system with its PLANT INTELLIGENCE™

Umckaloabo not only boosts your immune system, but also prevents it from becoming overactive, which can be detrimental to your health. This maintains a healthy, balanced immune system.


Umckaloabo thins and loosens mucus in the airways.

Umckaloabo works by thinning and loosening mucus in the airways, clearing congestion, making breathing easier and expelling pathogens

After Discovering The Groundbreaking Research Above…

I Knew I Had To Find A Way To Offer This Miracle-Plant To YOU!

This is one of the rarest health remedies on the planet.

Don’t believe me?

Google it.

You might find some cheap pills that ‘claim’ to be Umckaloabo…

But are actually cut with additives and fillers that damage your health and increase profit margins for shady supplement brands.

I guarantee you NOBODY else is offering what I’m about to show you.

We’ve Cut A Deal With Local Harvesters To Secure The Most Pure, Potent Umckaloabo On The Planet.

We’re getting it STRAIGHT from the source.

And when I tell you that we cut NO corners to bring you the most effective immune solution, I mean it.

Here’s why…

Our dedicated harvesters use organic, non-commercial harvesting methods to extract the Umckaloabo roots from the earth without damaging the nutrients.

They also replant 5 - 6 shavings of EACH plant root in order to maintain sustainable harvesting.

We pay our harvesters EXTRA to operate in this manner.

That’s not all though.

We pay out bonuses to the top harvesters at the end of each month.

So not only do we get to support the local economy…

But we feel good knowing that we’re harvesting these plants in the most sustainable and earth-friendly way possible.

After harvesting, suitable plant roots are transported down the mountain to a GMP certified processing facility, where every single plant root is carefully washed, dried and milled.

Then, in collaboration with local experts, we conduct lab tests to determine the potency and purity of the plant's chemicals.

We then carefully extract each and every drop out of the plant in order to create what we call…

Perfect Immune

The Most Potent Umckaloabo Extract On The Planet

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In Just 14 Seconds Per Day…

You’ll Strengthen Your Immunity, Breathe Better, And LIVE With Confidence In Your Body’s Natural Healing Ability


100% water soluble

Have a stable three year shelf life

Sustainable and ethically sourced

All natural

Non GMO Project Verified

Certified Organic

Chemically in tact - no nutrient damage

We’re Limited To Only 1500 Bottles…

So Don’t Miss Out, And Place Your Order Before It’s Too Late!

Perfect Immune

The Most Potent Umckaloabo Extract On The Planet

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Every single batch of Perfect Immune is:

Processed From One Ingredient

Free Of Heavy Metals

Made In A GMP Facility

Super Bioavailable

Safe For Teens, Kids And Adults

Simply Squeeze A Dropperful Into Your Mouth Daily To Experience All Of It’s Immunity Benefits

Perfect Immune

The Most Potent Umckaloabo Extract On The Planet

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Perfect Immune Is A Must Have If You Want To Support Your Master Repair Mechanism And Revive Your Immunity…

Now, you’re standing at a crossroad. You have only 2 choices.

  1. You can do nothing. You can accept that your Master Repair Mechanism is weakening, and your body can’t keep up. You can live with the fact that all you’ll leave your loved ones is an image of you - fragile, constantly ill, and weak. You can accept that you'll start to be seen as ‘fragile’ to your family and friends as you grow older.
  2. You can get your hands on the Perfect Immune breakthrough… and help boost your Master Repair Mechanism as you age. You can live life with vitality, health and robustness.

Perfect Immune

The Most Potent Umckaloabo Extract On The Planet

3 Bottles

$132.30 USD

($44.10 USD/Bottle)

6 Bottles

$235.20 USD

($39.20 USD/Bottle)

1 Bottle

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($49 USD/Bottle)

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$132.30 USD

($44.10 USD/Bottle)

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