741 Studies Show:
This Superfat
Helps Your Body in Over 67 Different Ways
Maintain energy... ease occasional bloating and indigestion... keep hair strong and healthy… make your skin glow... take this superfat once a day and watch it transform the way you look and feel
Maintain energy... ease occasional bloating and indigestion... keep hair strong and healthy… make your skin glow... take this superfat once a day and watch it transform the way you look and feel
Cleopatra used this superfat for beauty...

Queen Nefertiti applied this superfat to her hair and nails to add shine and strength...

Hippocrates (the “Father of Modern Medicine”) prescribed this superfat for digestive and weight problems...

It has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages to support the body in dozens of different ways...

It’s been shown to potentially quadruple fat burning (a fact that’s backed by two clinical studies)...

3,300 years of successful use... and more than 741 studies show that this is THE most therapeutic fatty acid ever discovered...

Why Most People Have NEVER Heard of This Superfat

This is one of the most important discoveries ever.

On this page, you’ll discover what this superfat is—and how you can begin using it...

As well as how to make it 10 TIMES MORE bioavailable to your body...

Which means you can get up to 10 times more thymoquinone—the active nutrient in this oil—along with more omega-3’s, B vitamins, zinc, calcium and more... in every single spoonful...

... and do it ALL in one simple morning ritual that takes just seconds each day.

Amazing, right? This superfat is about to change your life.

Good Fats Are Nice but Here’s Why You Need

Ever since we learned that fat—the right fat—is good for us...

There’s been a wave of hype around coconut oil... MCT oil... olive oil... even ghee and butter...

But those oils have maybe two or three health-supporting properties, at best...

This oil has been shown in double-blind scientific studies to promote good health in more than 67 different ways, including:

supporting normal blood sugar levels (a key factor in longevity)
maintaining a healthy bacterial balance in the body
promoting a healthy inflammation response
supporting a strong immune system (to keep you well)
supporting your cardiovascular system (who doesn’t want a healthy heart?)
protecting your digestive system (over 70M Americans suffer from occasional digestive issues)
keeping your liver strong and healthy (the liver plays a critical role in detox, fat-burning and energy)
maintaining healthy lung capacity and function
keeping you feeling alive and vibrant for the long haul
Dr. Gary Null, Ph.D., one of the best-selling health authors of all time, says:
“Every time you take this oil you are stimulating your immune system to fight on your behalf and increase natural killer cells.”
Is This Superfat a
Fountain of Youth?

Black cumin oil or “black seed oil”—the name some give this superfat—happens to be one of the most studied oils in existence.

It’s frankly astonishing that most health-enthusiasts haven’t heard of it...

It must be shocking to you—with all that you do for your health—that you’re not already taking this oil on a daily basis...

Because the quality of your life could depend on this one healing superfat…

It has some medical experts calling it the “fountain of youth” because it has the ability to support the body in so many profound ways.

How This Superfat, aka
Perfectly Pressed Black Cumin Oil
Changes Lives

In fact, I’ve personally witnessed this oil’s ability to change lives...

One of our customers, Charlotte B., was experiencing a couple of health issues like painful menstrual cramps and what she describes as “raging” hormones.

After learning about black cumin oil from two different holistic practitioners she decided to give it a go.

The results in her own words: “It’s everything it said it would be.”

And she’s far from the only one.

Thousands of Real People Agree —
It Delivers Everything the Research Promises:
Lori Myers wrote us and said...
“Best stuff I have ever found for my pain!”
“This is the best stuff I have ever found for my pain and I have a lot of it. Nothing worked. I rub it on my sore joints. It works both internally and externally!!!! A best product all the way around!!!”
In February, Tallevette Mueller said
“I have more energy!”
“I've used it twice so far. The first night I slept better. The second day I had less pain in my leg. I have more energy. And to me the taste isn't all that bad.”
Li An wrote us in August saying...
“Love it for hair and face!”
“Love it for hair and face and in pills for internal use. Good quality and amazing product. Oh, don’t forget to shake!!”
Barbara Jones exclaimed...
“This product […] is a wonderful Journey, each day only gets better”
Back in April, Lyric said...
“Could definitely heal a sick horse!”
“I got the 100 ml bottle to save money and to test it out. So far I like the energy it has given me, I don't have major health issues but this stuff could definitely heal a sick horse with one tsp lol. I've taken 1 tsp 3x a day with the 100ml bottle.”
Emily Sandstrom was overjoyed, stating
“My hair returned to its original color!”
“I have used this product for more than a year anyway. My hair returned to its original color, beginning (for most of it) with the ends. (I liked it the way it was, though.) Now the hair continues to be this interesting unique color and I quit the other supplement.”
Dr. Ellie Phillips was in love, saying
“My skin is looking younger!”
“I have to tell you I LOVE these oils. LOVE LOVE!!! I just ordered some more and also some pumpkin seed oil to try…My daughter actually said something about my skin looking younger the other day.”
And there was Charlotte, B. who wrote us in April to say...
“Everything it was said to be!”
“This oil is everything it was said to be. I have been taking it now for about 2 months. Took care of my husband’s lactose intolerant stomach in minutes, he was amazed and sold on it and started ordering his own bottles.”
This Superfat Has the Potential to
Increase Fat Loss By Up to four TIMES...

If you’re skeptical, I understand.

But as I noted a moment ago, there are more than 741 published studies illustrating the benefits of Nigella Sativa (black cumin).

Here’s the astonishing results related to fat metabolism:

In 2015, black cumin oil was found to quadruple women’s fat loss in a double blind study.

We are talking about a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized, clinical trial, with 50 obese women.

All subjects received the same standardized diet.

The only difference was that half of the women were given a total of 3 grams of black cumin oil every day.

The oil was split up into 1 gram capsules and the women took a capsule 30 minutes before every meal.

Within 8 weeks, the women taking black cumin oil before every meal lost four times more fat than the women in the placebo group.

The Astonishing Science
Doesn’t Stop There...

A similar study was performed on men between the ages of 30 and 45. Again, the men were split up into two groups…

The treatment group: men receiving black cumin every day.

The control group: men receiving a placebo (something that they were told was black cumin but was actually something that would have no effect on their bodies).

The men who were taking black cumin oil experienced immediate weight loss benefits.

The study found that “in the treatment group, complaints related to central obesity disappear in the first week, very significant reduction of body weight, waist circumference, and systolic blood pressure…”

These men (who were receiving black cumin daily) lost a significant amount of fat and inches around their waist.

Bottom Line: whether you’re a man, a woman or a mouse, this superfat has been shown in several studies to help you shed unhealthy body fat faster than normal.

This isn’t a surprise. The research and history around black cumin shows...

This Superfat Has Been Helping
People Burn Fat for Centuries

It’s just now that we’re finally beginning to understand how it works…

Simply by consuming black cumin oil regularly, you can keep your blood sugar balanced, control your cravings and watch excess weight fall off.

Each drop of black cumin oil is packed with health-promoting nutrients.

It’s a very impressive appetite suppressant and metabolism booster.

Clinical tests show that it helps abolish symptoms like forgetfulness, high appetite, sleeplessness and even laziness in overweight men.

Those are all connected to metabolism.

Black cumin seed oil has many benefits for the human body and weight loss is among the more recently discovered ones.

Consuming the oil instead of a powder or pill will provide you with a potency that you can’t get in any other form.

In Fact, Every Teaspoon of Oil Is Like Eating
HANDFULS of Black Cumin Seeds

And fat loss is just one of over 60 different reasons to take black cumin oil on a daily basis...

In addition to everything I’ve already revealed, studies show it can:

  • Promote healthy respiration and clear airways
  • Support the body’s natural detoxification processes
  • Reduce excess secretion of stomach acid, eliminating occasional acid reflux and digestive problems, including stomach pain and constipation
  • Help keep your cardiovascular system healthy by maintaining healthy blood pressure balance, supporting healthy cholesterol levels and promoting blood sugar stability

Researchers speculate that it’s because the oil is loaded with a super nutrient that targets the most critical function in your body...

You see, you’re only as healthy as your gut — it’s the center of your digestion (which affects your nutrient absorption)... your energy levels... immune system... even your brain function!

This Little-Known Nutrient Is What
Makes This Superfat So Potent

According to several studies performed on thymoquinone (TQ — the main active ingredient in black cumin seed oil), researchers found this extract actually increased mucus levels and prevented acid secretion inside the gut.

This means random acid reflux, excess gas and occasional bloating and stomach pain all become things of the past.

If you’ve ever suffered from any of these uncomfortable conditions, you know how debilitating and downright embarrassing they can be.

People who haven’t had acid reflux don’t understand how truly tormenting it can be.

And when you’re bloated, you’re walking around feeling heavier than you really are, which crushes your self-esteem.

By increasing mucus levels and preventing acid secretion inside your gut, black cumin oil has the remarkable ability to relieve all of these embarrassing and painful issues.

Why Those Who Take This Superfat Notice an Immediate
Boost in Energy, Vitality and Well-Being...

Sadly, the world we live in has never been more toxic.

Every single day, we’re exposed to literally tens of thousands of chemicals — 80,000+ according to a recent EPA report published by PBS.

Sadly, though, those are just the things we’re TOLD ABOUT.

There are many more “untested” chemicals being dumped into our environment every single day.

This is one reason why more people have trouble maintaining good gut health now than at any other point in history.

Our present-day environment is stressful for our friendly gut microbes.

The good news is that black cumin oil is a potent way to support your gut and digestive system.

Healthy Digestion, No Brain Fog, Energy, Immunity and More!

If you have trouble keeping your gut strong and healthy, that can make it difficult to keep your immune system strong and healthy, too.

Research shows that the strength of our immune systems is DIRECTLY tied to our gut health.

But keeping your gut in good shape means staying healthy, feeling energized, maintaining healthy digestion and staying sharp and clear-headed.

Luckily, black cumin oil can help keep your gut in that kind of tip-top shape!

In 1989, an article about the phenomenal properties of black cumin was published in the Pakistani Medical Journal.

Then in 1992, research into the bacteria- balancing properties of black cumin was carried out by the medical department of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The facts were fascinating: black cumin oil demonstrated itself to be a MORE EFFICIENT bacteria-balancing substance than the Big Pharma products it was tested against.

Black Cumin is the Most
Powerful Superfat and All-in-One Health Oil Ever Discovered...
There is NO OTHER OIL that has exhibited so many healing properties.
The benefits just keep pouring in. Research has shown it can:

The Internet Journal of Pharmacology states that this ‘mystery’ seed oil can help to reduce abdominal fat, maintain healthy blood pressure balance, support healthy cholesterol levels and promote blood sugar stability.

As little as 2.5 ml per day has been shown to dramatically affect waist-to-hip ratios, HDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels, fasting blood glucose levels and blood pressure!


In one study testing the effectiveness of black cumin seed on nasal conditions, 42 patients suffering from painful nasal symptoms found that black seed oil significantly improved their nasal and respiratory health, compared to the saline solution control.


Thymoquinone (TQ) instigates a process called acetylation, which involves your nervous system systematically programming the death of cells that run down your immune system and blocks them from duplicating themselves.

This is essential to rejuvenating your body on a cellular level, and explains why black cumin oil helps keep you feeling healthy.


Black cumin oil gives your immune system added support by promoting the release of cytokines, which are released by your body in response to anything trying to invade your system.


The power it has over the inflammatory response is incredible. Studies have even shown that both black cumin oil and thymoquinone alone protect the delicate lining of your gut against harmful substances and the inflammatory effects of too much stress.

Why Most Black Cumin Oils Are Rancid
and Therefore Harmful to Your Body

Oil can be your body’s best friend or your worst enemy...

The right oils can protect your cells... encourage natural detoxification… help you look younger... stimulate healthy brain activity... even fuel your ability to burn fat...

The wrong oils will clog, damage and even destroy your cellular health, leading to low energy... brain fog... weight gain… and worse.

Unfortunately, bad oil is EVERYWHERE... because any oil exposed to heat, light and excessive air will go rancid... taking it from healthful to HARMFUL for your body.

That’s the case with nearly every other black cumin oil on the market. Even those that claim to be “cold pressed.”

Because most “cold-pressed” oils are still subjected to heat... they will congest your cells and upset the balance of your brain.

The Perfect Press method produces THE purest, most nutritionally potent oils in the world today.

Perfect Press is More Than Just Revolutionary Oil Extraction Technology...

It’s an entire system, beginning with the soil from which

Here’s why the Perfect Press process unlocks all of black cumin oil’s benefits for you...

The good news is, the MOMENT your body has the opportunity to access pure, high-quality oil from raw, unheated seeds... it sucks it up, and this good oil begins to displace the bad fats lingering in your cells and tissues.

That’s why we pioneered the PERFECT PRESS process in order to make the best black cumin oil in the world. Here are the steps:


Top quality seed oil can only be pressed from top quality seeds. We carefully select our seeds from around the world using 38 non-compromising criteria.

Once we believe we’ve found Perfect Press-worthy seeds, we order samples and run test batches for quality assurance.

And finally, our 15-point checklist ensures that our seeds arrive at our pressing facility clean and undamaged.


Our proprietary presses are designed to extract every drop of oil out of every single seed without causing any damage to the fatty acid chains or other nutritional components found inside.

There is no heat or light exposure generated during the Perfect Press extraction process, and that means zero rancidity—and maximum therapeutic benefit.


Miron glass guarantees that the precious oil is completely protected from air as well as UV light, which can damage fragile fatty acids.

Samples of every single batch we press are kept and tested for stability. Lab results have clearly shown that our unique methods lead to long shelf-lives without worry of oxidation.

Our Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil is Free of Impurities...
Right Down to the Last Drop

There are absolutely no pollutants, toxins, heavy metals or microbes in any of our oils.

We take every precaution to ensure that the essential fatty acids are untainted, fresh and maximally bioavailable for your cells.

You get 100% black cumin oil with all of its documented health benefits and rich, peppery flavor—with NONE of the issues that plague oils processed with less effective methods.

And since it’s plant-based, it’s also perfect for vegans.

There is nothing else like black cumin oil, and no better version of this miraculous oil than Perfect Press.

If you want to benefit from this ancient healing oil, this is your best path forward.

Plus, to make you feel even more confident about your purchase today...

Enjoy Our “It-Works-or-it’s-FREE”

Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil WILL put you back in control of your health and vitality like nothing else or you get a prompt, courteous, no-questions-asked 100% refund of your money, even if the bottles are empty.

We want to see you thrive, and we also believe that HAPPY CUSTOMERS are the best advertising.

So again, in the extremely unlikely event you’re not blown away by your investment in Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, just let us know — your results are protected, so there’s no risk at all.

This is the one healing oil that will transform your health and change your life beginning today, simply by taking Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil and benefiting from its powerful health-protecting properties…

Remember, with the Perfect Press patented process...

You Get MANY MORE Benefits from this Unique Superfat:
  • You get the broadest spectrum of health benefits of any therapeutic oil ever discovered...
  • You get greater purity and higher bioavailability than from any other black cumin oil...
  • You get more thymoquinone—the active healing nutrient in black cumin—than from any other food...
  • You get better acetylation for maintaining efficient cell renewal, DNA repair and slower aging...
  • And you’ll maximize the 67+ documented benefits of black cumin seed oil...

From enhanced fat burning... to comfortable digestion... energy... beauty and hair health... a balanced inflammation response... clear breathing... and so much more.

Over 67 Health Benefits
for Way Less than a Cup of Coffee Each Day

The discounted prices you see on this page give you a chance to completely transform your health and feel better on every level... for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Regardless of what option you choose, it’s a complete bargain.

There are so many things you could spend $50-$100 on... including countless other superfoods and supplements... and yet NONE of them will do what Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil can do for you.

I’ve examined study after study to see it.

Black cumin seed oil can support your health in nearly every area, from your brain to your metabolism, for less than what you’d spend on a couple of dinners out... or a couple of supplements that might not even work.

With black cumin oil... especially this Perfectly Pressed version... you should have no doubt.

There’s no guessing here: over 741 studies and thousands of happy customers validate the staggering number of benefits this oil will bring to your table every day.

Thousands of Real People Agree —
It Delivers Everything the Research Promises:
Like Julie D. who says
“I use it on my skin and hair and it's truly miraculous!”
“I mix black seed oil with virgin coconut oil and use it on my skin and hair and it's truly miraculous. I put some of my mixture on my son's itchy skin and it kept his skin moisturized, healed his scratch marks where he'd scratched his skin up in his sleep and left his skin with a wonderful glow. I use it on my skin and hair as well and I love it.”
And then there's Helen — who says
“I am going to use this for the rest of my life.”
“I’ve been having occasional problems with my digestion and throat and acid reflux. I’ve spent so much money on probiotics, vitamins, etc., and this is by far the best thing I have tried. I am going to use this for the rest of my life. It really balances out my stomach.”
And we have Lillian W…
“That pain has almost completely gone away!”
“I can't say enough praise for this product it came in on time and in excellent condition. As far as how it works, I'm 62 yrs old and lately I've had issues with terrible pain in my legs upon waking. Since taking the black cumin seed oil. I have to say that pain has almost completely gone away.”
Questa Li couldn’t have been happier with her results, telling us
“My skin has significantly improved!”
“After only 3 days of use I have noticed a HUGE difference! My skin has significantly improved (after weeks of no improvement at all)! I am so excited and grateful!”
Two Fast-Action Bonuses
When You Order Today
Top Five Health Boosting Supplements

By now you can probably already guess that Perfect Press Black Cumin Seed Oil is one of my top five.

That should come as no surprise.

But I’ve got four more that round out a holistic personal health care plan to give you natural and alternative ways to be as healthy as possible.

And you can rest assured, none of them require popping yet another pill.

The Black Cumin Owner’s Handbook

When you start using Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, I want you to have everything you need to get the best results possible.

That’s why we’ve put together this black cumin owner’s handbook which will reveal… black cumin seed oil custom relief tips... answers to some of the most frequently asked black cumin questions... black cumin success stories from customers just like you... and more.

When you order today, you’ll get immediate access to these bonus reports at no additional cost.

Support Your Health in 67 Ways with Black Cumin Oil
Nature’s Ultimate Superfat

Picture it now... the moment when you’re finally living your best life...

You feel alive… Full of hope and optimism… You’re living a totally healthy lifestyle and enjoying every second of it…

You’re experiencing the true vitality you deserve!

That’s what we want for you.

However, the only way that can happen is if you decide, right now, to say YES to a better life.

Because let's face it, unless you take action now, today, you may NEVER take action …

Winners act when they know a good thing... and this is a GOOD THING... so don't risk your future by hoping for another answer to come your way...

It's no longer even a question of “want” — you NEED Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, and now you just have to take action:

And do the ONLY smart thing you can do…

Get on the right path TODAY to dramatically supporting every cell in your body, using the highest quality black cumin seed oil on the planet right now…

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