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- Lynn G, Verified Buyer

...Low ENERGY? Trouble Sleeping? High Stress? Anxiety? Joint & Muscle Pain? Migraines? ...Chronic Health Issues?

Then This Letter Is For YOU - Read On…

Ian Clark, Founder

RE: Solving Your Magnesium Deficiency

My name is Ian Clark and I’m the founder of Activation Products.

And while my name might be new to you, you may know my company.

We’re the world’s leading manufacturer of healing superfoods from all over the world… including:

  • Perfect Press Black Cumin Oil, which helps over 300,000 American’s manage 67 different health problems and ailments…
  • Solaris, which over 200,000 Americans use to detox their bodies of heavy metals and mold…

That’s why more than 1 million customers from around the world have been counting on us since 2011 to keep them pain-free, energetic & young-looking far into their golden years.

It’s also why I’ve rushed you this letter.

To tell you about a ‘silent pandemic’ that affects 99% of society.

It’s the reason why you grimace in pain when you drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

The reason why you thrash around in bed at night, unable to catch even a wink of restful sleep.

It’s also why you find yourself moody, with no desire to start your day each morning.

So what is this ‘silent pandemic’, and why should you be concerned?

Magnesium Deficiency.

Now, I’m not here to spread fear. But the complete truth is that you should be worried.

Magnesium deficiency is one major threat to your health and wellbeing.

And in this short letter you’ll discover:

  • The Top Health Supplement EVERYONE Should Take To Combat This Deficiency…
  • How You Can Improve Your Sleep, Energy, Joints, Balance & Well-Being In Just 90 Seconds Per Day…
  • The 4 Horsemen (Main Culprits) Of Your Bodily Breakdown…
  • Why Common “Supplementation” And Dieting Will NOT Correct Your Magnesium Deficiency…
  • How Magnesium Is Responsible For Over 330 Biochemical Reactions In Your Body, And The Major Role It Plays In Your Health…

I’m also going to share with you WHY this is one of the major modern threats to your health - and in actuality, how reading this letter could help you prolong and live a better life.

(Or at the very least, will spare you from a considerable amount of unnecessary pain and discomfort)

And I'm going to tell you from personal experience and revolutionary discovery…

Because years ago, I was suffering from a life-threatening illness. I was only 46 - and my health was in a VERY bad place.

And out of every "health secret" I uncovered - since regaining my health and trotting the globe for the "holy grail" of nutritional supplements, I discovered ONE - that I believe (for good reason) is –


What I'm going to talk to you about – is the simplest, most elegant solution for your health, you’ve ever experienced.

You might even have it lying around your house, seeing as we’re EXCLUSIVELY broadcasting this letter to Activation newsletter subscribers.

It’s a naturally pure solution of dead sea derived magnesium ~ called i-MCH.

Which is a 100% natural magnesium chloride hexahydrate, that is totally pure – and void of any additional such substances, like you’d find in traditional “rock-derived” or common synthetic magnesiums, in various forms.

It is the purest form of magnesium on Earth, using natural implosion and inprint technology.

Assured: your body has never experienced anything like it.

It’s the most absorbable concentration of pure magnesium available - for our human operating system.

So my goal here is to educate you on the pandemic that is Magnesium Deficiency…

Tell you a little bit about how I discovered the solution…

And explain why – if you had one single substance, aside from food and water, to store in your medicine cabinet or keep with you – this solution would be it.

This is the #1 thing you want for you and your entire family, and my job here is to help you see WHY…

In fact, just to give you some context – not only have I been using this substance for more than 15 years now, but my entire family uses it - including my wife and all 7 of my children.

And here at Activation, we also have over 50 employees...

And Every One of Them is Given a Bottle Before They’re Hired.

So when I say "I'm behind this stuff"... I'm really BEHIND it.

...And I'm going to explain to you why it's THAT important for your body.

Your Body Is Made Up Of Approximately 100 TRILLION CELLS…

And For Each One Of Those Cells To Survive:

  • Each one of them needs to regulate their proper mineral balance.
  • Each one of them has to be fueled by sufficient ATP energy.
  • And each cell’s necessary chemical reactions need to be driven by hundreds of different enzymes.


When your cells don’t contain the proper mineral-ratio, don’t have the ATP energy needed to operate properly, and they aren’t supported with healthy enzymatic function — your health begins to break down — as your cells are unable to carry out their necessary functions.

If this process continues, your body begins to break down, which only worsens as you age.

Magnesium is the backbone of every single one of these processes:

  • Within your body’s cells, it serves hundreds of life-providing functions.
  • It’s required for over 330 life-sustaining enzymatic processes...
  • It’s required to produce ATP energy — which fuels your cells, body and organs.
  • It’s required to activate the sodium-potassium pump inside each one of your cells.


Without Sufficient Magnesium, Your Cells Are On

There’s a very good reason Magnesium is known as the MASTER MINERAL.

Because magnesium is the second most abundant element inside human cells.

And our cells are our lifeline. Without properly functioning cells, we not only can’t obtain our desired health — but we can’t survive.

So I’m sure you understand the critical importance of healthy cells and the necessity of their vital functioning components — for everything in health and well-being we all desire?

So multiply each one of these important cells by 100 TRILLION...

Visualize the enormity in your body.

If you don’t have enough Magnesium, you’ve got a serious problem.

A Problem You Share with 99% of the Population.

Now you’re starting to see the magnitude behind Magnesium deficiency.

And you’ve probably heard from multiple experts about how “80% of us are deficient”...

Just about everyone is walking around with a major deficiency…

Most people have become “symptomatic” –

...From low energy, to compromised sleep, joint pain, muscle cramps, anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, inability to cope with stress, etc…

All caused by a MAJOR Magnesium deficiency.

Why Magnesium Has Such A Large Effect On Your Health

The importance of maintaining sufficient levels of magnesium is immense.

And this goes way beyond deficient symptoms or crooked sleep…

Without sufficient Magnesium, your body’s performance and main abilities to cope with daily things like oxidative stress and toxic burden, are dramatically handicapped.

It affects your bodily processes in a multitude of major ways…

And I'm going to lay this out very simply for you…

There are four “main areas” of concern.

We’ll refer to these as—

The 4 Horsemen Of Bodily Breakdown

These are your "4 main culprits" of bodily breakdown.

The “four horsemen” are, as you know, symbolic descriptions of different events which take place at the “end of times”...

And they are plaguing our society.

When we exasperate these 4 issues... we soon experience the end of our days here on Earth — from a neglected body.

So let’s quickly cover each one of these “four horsemen”...


So most people think of Magnesium as a major “relaxer”... which isn’t far from the truth.

However, one of the largest roles Magnesium plays in your body is PRODUCING ENERGY!

ATP energy in your body cannot be adequately produced without Magnesium.

And ATP Energy is the currency of your body's life.

So to heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.

Just like when your car is low on gas — your body gets low on energy, when your fuel reserve of Magnesium is low.

This is all rooted at the cellular level. And your cells need energy to function.

This requires 3 major keys:

— Proper DNA synthesis
— Proper cellular balance & function
— Required nutrients and ATP - (your body’s cellular energy fuel)

So let’s quickly cover these in more detail...


DNA is the body’s genetic code, used in the building of proteins and the reproduction of cells. The cells in our body are constantly being replaced by new cells.

DNA stability is dependent on magnesium.

Magnesium not only stabilizes DNA structures, it also functions as a cofactor in the repair of DNA damage by environmental mutagens. Combined with ATP, magnesium also assists in the healthy production of RNA, responsible for “reading” DNA and manufacturing the proteins we use in our bodies.

So we have to make sure that our DNA remains stable, avoiding mutations that can negatively impact healthy cellular function.


Magnesium is critical in the creation of energy by activating ATP — which is the foundational energy storage molecule in your body, and is part of the krebs-cycle.


The Krebs cycle — is a series of reactions that produce ATP by breaking down glucose — as well as all metabolites, other sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids.

Magnesium is an important part of this Krebs cycle, which is the central metabolic pathway in all aerobic organisms.


Within every cell in the body, a proper balance of mineral content must be maintained.


Magnesium makes sure there is a healthy balance of important minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium in each cell and affects the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, and heart rhythms.

To keep cells healthy, a proper mineral-ratio must be maintained.


To function properly, your body needs proper vitamins and minerals.

Your body can’t make “macro-minerals’ - which is what Magnesium is.

Not only that, vital vitamins in your diet don’t get properly absorbed without sufficient Magnesium in your system.

So just like your body desperately requires magnesium, it also can’t get and properly use other necessary nutrients adequately, in the absence of magnesium.


We’ve already touched on calcification and it being the #1 culprit behind our epidemic of magnesium deficiency.

Calcium disrupts your sodium potassium pump, cellular balance, causes arterial calcification or hardening of the arteries, muscle contraction dangers, joint pain, anxiety, compromised cognition, blood sugar problems, fatigue, etc…

The list goes on.

Not only do you get build up in your joints, tissues & muscles — which cause various aches & pains, but you ALSO get “calcium plaque” buildup in your arteries!

This is why it's thought that “Calcification” is a major factor in Heart Disease — that’s what happens when your body is over-calcified.

In fact, too much calcium and too little magnesium can also cause your heart to spasm, even leading to a sudden cardiac arrest — which is why hospitals use injections of liquid magnesium to help treat approximately 50% of all heart attacks!

But the important thing to focus on, is that — Magnesium will actually work to clear this Calcification out!

This requires 3 major keys:

This was how I totally rid my body of chronic joint pain — by dissolving and releasing the calcium.

(More on my personal experience in shortly)

When you have calcification, it’s the same cause and effect for everyone…

When you restore your magnesium levels properly — you’ll dissolve and release displaced and harmful calcium.


Good ole restful sleep. Most of us don’t get anywhere near enough of it.

In my opinion, if there is not a singular better way to keep your body in healthy, optimal condition, then adequate sleep.

In fact, there were recent studies and experts that said — if we lose just one night of sleep, our metabolism ages up to 30 years!

...Now think of how many people do NOT have sleep issues!

As a matter of fact, I can tell you…

We put out a “Magnesium Deficiency Quiz” and questioned hundreds of thousands of people...less than 9% of all adults over the age of 18 reported not having sleep issues!

Our society is massively and chronically sleep deprived from over work and over stress.

To maintain your health, reset, handle stressors and detox, WE NEED proper REM and delta sleep. For all mind, emotional and physical health reasons.

Dedicating more hours to sleep can be tough... but where we have the greatest opportunity is to improve lost time WHILE we are asleep…

Over 90% of people said they wake up at night. And most of them are also not getting the REM sleep their body desperately needs.

For example - a person on sleeping pills has completely short-circuited REM.

Usually their stress levels have INCREASE and their body continues to decline... which is unfortunate.

You need REM sleep, with the deepest possible rapid eye movement — to alleviate traumas and purge your stresses. You also want a fine balance of delta.

So quantity of sleep is important, but quality of sleep is KEY.

And proper replenishment of magnesium can work wonders for sleep.


This is another biggy... really, the most problematic today.

We take in a wide array of toxins on a daily basis.

From the billions of pounds of “rubber dust” that permeates our air from automobiles, to heavy metals, dental fillings, fish and processed food and drinks…

To BPA and various hormone-disruptors in plastics... to formaldahydes and PCB’s from off-gassing carpet and furniture... to chemically-induced tap water — to GMO’s, pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics in our food.

In fact, the average person has over 50 detectable toxins in their blood from pesticides that haven’t been used for OVER 50 YEARS!

We couldn’t avoid toxins if we tried. Not even for one day. Our bodies are constantly in a cycle of oxidative-stress.

...And when all these various toxins result in oxidative stress, our bodies must neutralize it with superoxide dismutase, and then (eliminate the toxic waste) from our cells.

To maintain your health, reset, handle stressors and detox, WE NEED proper REM and delta sleep. For all mind, emotional and physical health reasons.

Magnesium is key to our cellular detox.

If your body is to dispose of cellular waste, you need sufficient magnesium.

Without magnesium, the “sodium-potassium pump” within each cell, can’t operate properly….

Thus, an insufficiency in magnesium leads to harmful accumulations of toxic build up in your cells.

Enzymes - are also extremely vital for detoxing our bodies... they break down and help to eliminate the waste excreted by our cells..

And magnesium is key for over 330 enzymatic reactions in your body!

– This is why enzyme disruption and/or insufficiency - is so closely associated with disease & cancer.

(*These enzymes need MAGNESIUM to function properly!)

So there you have the “4-Horsemen”.

Those are your main culprits of disease, sleep-sabotage, joint & muscular pain, bodily breakdown, and ENERGY suck…

I challenge you to find a really unhealthy or sick person – that does not have several of these issues.

They almost always have ALL 4.

We’ll touch on the solution in a minute…

But first, you need to know why you’re Magnesium deficient in the first place.

And the answer will shock you.

It all comes down to…

A Shocking ‘Soil Revelation’ Exposed In A 1936 Congress Meeting

In 1936, a shocking fact was revealed…

“Most of us today are suffering from certain diet deficiencies which cannot be remedied until the depleted soils from which our foods come are brought into proper mineral balance.”

The alarming fact is that your foods - fruits and vegetables and grains - are raised on millions of acres of soil that don’t have enough of the magnesium you need to be healthy.

“[Fruits and vegetables and grains] are starving us - no matter how much of them we eat!”

And if you think this is science fiction, think again.

Because these quotes came directly from Document 264 of the 74th Congress, 2nd Session, 1936.

It was a congressional hearing addressing the mineral deficiencies in our food supply.

That’s right. The USA is a country whose soils have been depleted of minerals for nearly 100 years now.

And it’s only gotten worse since then - with more globalization…

More corporations taking over farming and agriculture…

And more chemical fertilizers and GMO crops…

Leaving our soil devoid of the magnesium we need to operate at full capacity.

And just to illustrate how bad this really is:

To get the vitamin and mineral content contained in one single orange 80 years ago – You’d have to eat 8 of them today.1

What does that mean for you?

It means that you’re getting a lot less magnesium than you should from your diet…

Which is why your sleep gets worse and worse every year…

Why you always seem to be depleted of energy…

And why your muscles seem sore and tense 24/7.

You are not getting enough magnesium into your system. And it’s not even your fault.

At this point you might be thinking…

“Take a magnesium supplement and I’ll be fine… right?”


Why Oral Supplements Are NOT Enough To Combat Your Magnesium Deficiency

There are oral magnesium supplements all over the world…

Magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium lactate, magnesium glycinate, chloride, sulfate, carbonate, malate, taurates, etc.

So let’s talk about them.


Oral magnesium supplements are the most commonly taken.

And they are the most problematic.

Here’s why.

You never absorb 100% of any magnesium that goes into your stomach.

For context…

You might take in as much as half of the natural magnesium in your food and water…

But you take in as little as 4% of the magnesium in supplement tablets and capsules.

And the bigger problem is — the little you do absorb may not do you much good anyway, since many supplements contain forms of magnesium that your body simply won’t use. It’s like putting diesel in a car that’s made to run on gas.

And even if the magnesium is usable, research indicates that oral supplements can take a very long time, even years — to restore healthy levels of magnesium to your body.

You End up Right Back at Square One — DEFICIENT.

So the big problem with oral magnesium supplements is they can’t get absorbed at a high-enough dose to make any significant difference in your repletion.

(*Nor do you want them to — as too much oral magnesium can actually damage your body)

This is mainly because magnesium from food or drink needs to remain in your intestines for hours to get absorbed into your bloodstream — whereas supplements do not require “timely-breaking down”.

Then of course, there’s the digestive laxative side-effects as well as kidney strain.

And some forms of magnesium found in oral supplements are actually harmful – like magnesium aspartate, which breaks down into a molecule similar to the artificial sweetener aspartame that kills brain cells and does all sorts of things you don’t want.

And if you accidentally take too much of any of these oral magnesiums, it’s possible to overdose and cause damage to your kidneys.

There’s a much better way to get abundant levels of magnesium into your body, without upsetting your stomach or leaving you with side effects.

It can restore a healthy balance of magnesium to every cell in just a matter of weeks or even DAYS, rather than several months or years.

And it’s not in a synthetic form that is incompatible with your human operating system, nor does it present ANY side effects.

The Most Effective Form Of Magnesium Supplementation Known To Man

The simple secret for proper and optimum assimilation of Magnesium - is to apply it TRANSDERMALLY - via the skin, NOT as an oral supplement.

Transdermal administration of magnesium is the quickest and easiest way to correct chronic degeneration caused by Magnesium deficiency.

How it works:

You simply spray a clear, odorless, stain-free natural-liquid onto your skin that absorbs in a matter of seconds to deliver pure, 100% bioavailable magnesium directly to your bloodstream.

Since our skin is our biggest organ, it allows for the heaviest absorption. And nor does it need to tax your digestive system or process through the liver or kidneys.

Now what else is vitally important, is it’s also by far - the SAFEST.

This is because your skin will NOT absorb more than your body needs. Once your levels become “high enough” — your skin will actually “police” how much more magnesium it lets through.

Yet — it allows you to safely take in much more magnesium than you could possibly get from tablets or capsules.

When you put it on, or even add it to a warm tub and soak in it — you’ll feel it flow into your blood in literally just a few seconds…

Topical Absorption Benefits:

  • Biggest organ - your skin, 100% bioavailable
  • Instantaneous - oral consumption requires digestion and delays benefits
  • Specific area application - no bodily stress


But BEWARE: All Transdermals Are NOT The Same!

Contrary to common belief many share... your skin is NOT a shell.

It is an ORGAN.

Whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body.

So whatever is contained within your magnesium source is extremely important.

...Because you will also absorb any accompanying materials or toxins.

Some transdermals are “oils” that are a simple mixture of water powdered magnesium that’s often sourced second-hand from rock, or nickel-mining waste and contains many other trace minerals besides magnesium that are NOT meant to be absorbed through your skin. (which is why they tend to cause a “filmy-irritation”, that’s not really desired.)

Because of their sourcing — some of these products can contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and other contaminants.

(We definitely don’t want any of that stuff in our bodies!)

Plus, these products aren’t going to likely be any more bioavailable than what you’d find in an oral supplement – meaning you’re putting something into your system that your body simply doesn’t know what to do with.

The proper solution should also never irritate your skin, leave a filmy residue, stain clothes or simply “fail to dry”.

And all of this is ZERO concern with a Magnesium that’s 100% compatible with your body and operating system.

Simply give attention to these –

Transdermal Magnesium Essentials:

Whatever magnesium source goes onto your body, it's important to check off some essentials…

You want it to be these 6 things:

  • A real form of magnesium, existent in nature. Not a synthetic.
  • Compatible with your human operating system.
  • Highly absorbable.
  • 100% Toxin-free.
  • Skin-irritant and residue free.
  • Free of side-effects.


Enter i-MCH…

...What is i-MCH?

i-MCH stands for “intelligent” Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate.

It’s a form of magnesium chloride that uses a proprietary natural implosion and imprint technology— that results in pure bioavailable magnesium for your skin.

And the results of i-MCH are outstanding.

Take it from me - this is what I looked like not long ago…

At 46 years old… I was horribly overweight, had chronic inflammation, condemning fatigue, and was diagnosed with multiple diseases.

I was also seriously magnesium deficient.

So on my road to recovery, about a year after I had been supplementing with some marine-phytoplankton to try and get my liver on the right track, I discovered a breakthrough in magnesium, which was the i-MCH.

The gentleman that pioneered its discovery had explained to me its unique-ness and abnormal ability to penetrate our body and cells in mass — for full-body repletion of magnesium.

I Was Intrigued… What Did I Have to Lose?

And so... he told me to apply it to my elbow joint — that had been hurting & bothering me for years…

Well, each time I used it, my elbow felt better, MUCH BETTER… and of course, the real payoff was several weeks later — when I no longer needed to apply the magnesium to my elbow.

It had simply healed itself — in the case of my elbow, the i-MCH had “de-calcified” my joint — which had been causing the joint pain and inflammation — and all my issues in the first place.

Well, as I kept applying it… my entire body, which I had already started to get on the right track — started lifting into its natural balance.

And of course, I kept using it to this day — and long story short; over a decade later, I’m

A Whole New Person!

And I’m not the only i-MCH success story…


“I never realized how important it was for many functions. When it first came in, I sprayed some on my 7 year old son who is slightly ADHD and I also sprayed on myself before bed. I slept so deep that night and passed out even faster than usual. I slept amazing. The next morning my 7 year old said he slept really well and had good dreams. Ever since then he won’t go to sleep unless he has his spray. When a 7 year old asks for it daily, you know it‘s a great product.”
    Erin B.

“My husband is a long distance hiker. He would often wake up with leg cramps and his only solution was to get up, stretch and walk it out. That may be okay at home but in the middle of the night at 10,000 ft and above it's really cold. Five years ago I brought a bottle of this home from a visit to my mother's. Joe googled it and said he couldn't find anything to support its efficacy. However, he tried it. He sprayed it on a leg cramp and about 20 seconds later, the cramp was gone. It has never failed him over the last five years. Now he keeps a bottle of this in his bathroom and a smaller size bottle in his backpack. He also hikes with his team of Search and Rescue volunteers and one by one, they have all become believers. Thanks for a really great product.”
    Gail L.

“This product is absolutely amazing. I purchased my first bottle and had my family try it and it is super effective. The product worked so good for me that I brought it to my 80 and 77 yr old parents and they LOVE the results They both slept through the night and had no leg cramps. Now I have to buy more for my family. Absolutely worth a try for everyone one.”
    Lisa z.

“Years ago I suffered from extreme pain and sleep deprivation caused from my right hip.The first night I used EASE I experienced dreams for the first time in years. I am 73 years old and a golfer. I was ready to give it up because of the pain I had each time I played. That has also gone away! I talk about EASE to anyone who will listen and know of several people who are using it because of my enthusiasm. Thank you!”
    Jennifer B.

i-MCH allows your body to benefit from the purest and most potent form of magnesium — literally on the planet, and is 100% compatible with our human operating system.

(And it's 100% isolated - without any accompanying contaminants or undesired ingredients!)

It comes from the same elemental source your body naturally craves…

A source that’s been known for thousands of years, yet only now made available in a form you can use anywhere, without a trace of toxins or impurities!

Remember The ‘4 Horsemen’?

Here’s How i-MCH Will Help You Beat Them:

We talked about magnesium and its correlation with the “4-Horsemen”.

But we didn’t talk about its full-ability to neutralize each one of these killer-culprits…

To get your body into complete homeostasis and achieve the levels of vitality you desire to be comfortable and peaking in life —

You need E.A.S.E.

E.A.S.E. is an acronym for restoring your body back to homeostasis.

E.A.S.E - stands for:






Here’s what happens when you fully EASE:


“Low Energy” becomes a thing of the past.

Fullying repleting your body of magnesium, allows your body to produce proper ATP ENERGY, helps you absorb & assimilate proper nutrients and maintain proper cellular function — and it works to protect your DNA.

Your “krebs cycle” and sodium-potassium pumps work properly.

Remember, to heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.


Calcification and it being the #1 culprit behind our epidemic of magnesium deficiency.

When you alleviate calcification, you promote healthier blood pressure levels, you support proper working sodium potassium pumps, cellular balance, muscular relaxation (your heart is a muscle), blood sugar & flow, and cognition.

*As I explained, calcification was solely responsible for the chronic joint pain in my elbow, as well as various other regards in my body. My blood pressure used to be through the roof…

So when you restore your magnesium levels properly — you’ll dissolve, release, and alleviate calcification!


Proper replenishment of magnesium works wonders for sleep.

Getting your proper deep REM, as well as some delta sleep is vital for achieving a balanced well-being.

You must get quality sleep to achieve optimal well-being and homeostasis.

There is no way around this. When you are fully-magnesium REPLETE, you can benefit from much higher quality sleep then that of a deficient person.


Remember we mentioned at the beginning about ENZYMES?

Remember magnesium is responsible for over 330 enzymatic functions in your body!

Well these are vitally necessary to combat oxidative stress and break down and eliminate waste.

And of course the "sodium potassium pump" we talked about…

Healthy mineral pumps ensure cellular balance - for burning fuel and allowing waste to LEAVE your cells!

EASE Magnesium Spray

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EASE is the perfect solution of MCH - which we guarantee is the most potent, most effective, most pure, most natural and most synergistic Magnesium you’ll ever experience.

EASE is the world’s ONLY natural iMCH magnesium ever produced — using proprietary natural implosion and imprint technologies.


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But before you continue to checkout, let me make ONE thing clear.

EASE Magnesium is not a ‘miracle’ cure.

You will notice improved cognition, energy, and mood within 90 seconds of use.

But make no mistake.

EASE Magnesium - like all good, natural treatments - requires consistent and long term use in order to revitalise your cells from the inside out.

And when you run out of your first bottle…

It’ll only be a matter of days - if not hours before you notice your body reverting to its old, pain-ridden, and jaded state.

And I would HATE for that to happen to you.

So here’s what we’ve done.

We’ve spoken to the warehouse team here in Cobourg and have put together a ‘subscribe & save’ program for YOU.

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Magnesium is KEY For Your Complete And Synergistic Health!

Magnesium raises DHEA levels, a life-span indicator. (the “anti-aging” hormone)

Helps prevent bleeding gums & demineralizing teeth!

Helps to reduce unwanted breath and body odor

Activates enzymes that control digestion, absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbs.

Aids in your Heart’s muscular ability to control valves.

Neutralizes “catecholamines” (from stress-induced adrenaline & cortisol)

Helps prevent Myocardial Infarction, usually caused by aggravated Magnesium deficiency.

Helps to reduce threshold and prevent seizures.

Helps the brain recover from trauma.

Helps protect the brain from the toxic effects of chemicals

Promotes lactic acid, which prevents post-exercise pain.

Can prevent sudden cardiac death in active or athletic persons!

Helps relax muscles & relieve tension and pain

Helps softens skin

Helps prevent Headaches/Migraines

Helps treat & prevent Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Helps alleviate & prevent “Panic-Attacks”

Helps boost production of Serotonin - the “feel good” brain chemical.

Supports the Adrenal Glands

But Don’t Take Our Word For It… Here’s What Some Of Our Happy Customers Had To Say!


“This spray is surprisingly like water. No stickiness, no scent... After my challenging hikes, my leg muscles feel very sore. Spraying Ease on them really helps to soothe them. Also, a lot of my tension lies in my neck and shoulder area. I find immediate comfort from this tension, as soon as I spray Ease and rub it into those areas. Good product.”
    Noelle A.

“Ease is an amazing product! When my sciatica pain flares up, I spray it on and the pain goes away in minutes.”
    Elizabeth T.

EASE Magnesium Is In The Homes Of Nearly 1 Million Happy Customers…

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