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Switch To A Deodorant You Can Trust
  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Mineral Rich
  • Bioavailable
  • Safe
  • Provides your body with magnesium (sourced from the Dead Sea)
  • Fills in missing gaps in your diet
  • Contains a wide spectrum of trace minerals (from the ocean)
  • Silver nanoparticles fend off unwanted bacteria & smell
  • Organic witch hazel protects your skin from irritation
  • Keeps your brain safe with angstrom zinc
Everything you need in a deodorant, none of the junk.

Did you know deodorant has been known to contain dangerous ingredients that experts say are poisonous to your skin and brain? A small amount of research shows how important it is to switch to a deodorant with ingredients you can trust. We took that seriously when we formulated this spray. We even put it in a high quality, light sensitive glass bottle so there was no risk of any toxins getting in.

6-8 sprays under each arm has the power to block odor, boost your mineral levels and supercharge your immune system.

This all-natural deodorant does more than just block body odor. It’s a blend of natural ingredients perfectly formulated to stop bacteria & smells from forming while also delivering a wide range of benefits through your skin.

How does it work? Silver nanoparticles in this powerful spray soak into your skin, eliminating odor at the source. Magnesium and other trace minerals are there for added odor protection as well as reinforcing your whole body health. Witch hazel soothes skin and eliminates irritation that many people normally feel from most mainstream deodorants.

To top it all off we added angstrom zinc. This powerful zinc solution helps boost your immune system, protect your skin from acne & most importantly protect your brain. The number one complaint about mainstream deodorants is there impact on brain health.

How do I use Infuse?

6-8 sprays under each arm and you are ready to go. Apply to dry skin and rub in the spray with closed arms. The spray lasts all day.

What are the benefits of Infuse?

Each ingredient comes with dozens of its own benefits. Benefits include protecting your skin from pimples and bacteria, soothing skin irritation, strengthening your immune system, supporting brain health, boosting magnesium levels in your blood and of course blocking odor at its source.

What are the ingredients in Infuse?

Infuse contains:

  • Nano-silver solution
  • Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • Organic Witch Hazel
  • Angstrom Zinc
  • Trace minerals

Why should I switch from my regular deodorant?

Millions of people are switching to a natural deodorant because of questionable ingredients found in mainstream products. These ingredients are believed to cause harm to your skin and brain. By using a natural deodorant like Infuse, you eliminate the risk of harming your body and can have peace of mind that what you are putting on your skin has a positive effect on your health.

Money Back
Need a test bottle?

Don’t worry! You are completely covered by our satisfaction guarantee! We won’t make you pay for anything that you are not happy with.

Our 60 day money-back guarantee is there to protect you. Try Infuse for a full 2 months and if you don’t love the spray we will refund you the full price of each bottle you purchased.

There’s literally no risk to ordering today. Grab a bottle and give it a try!