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Japanese Longevity Secret Coveted Since 1596:

Legendary Life-Protecting ‘Longevity Extract’ Consumed by Great Shoguns & Samurai Warriors for Extraordinary Strength and Vitality...

They Called It Warrior’s Blood
You’re About to See How This Revolutionary NEW Vitality Extract May ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE While Shedding Years OFF Your Physical Appearance!
Now YOU Can Experience This Sacred Health Weapon...
in an Even More Powerful Form!
Read These Facts, If You Want to Live... and Thrive:

See how this amazing extract can revolutionize your health — while combating the most threatening culprits, like:

  • Heart Concerns: See how to effectively improve blood pressure and ‘bad cholesterol’ levels in as little as 3 weeks!
  • Unwanted Cell Growth: How a study using a unique nutrient found in this extract reduced unwanted cell growth by 58%! And how it aids in keeping cells healthy.
  • Oxygen Depletion: How to capitalize on the ‘Blue Zone Effect’ to oxygenate your cells without having to move to a desolate beach or remote mountains!
  • Oxidation: How to arrest free radicals with the most powerful antioxidant in the world!
  • Hormone Imbalance: Why hormone imbalance is linked to a variety of symptoms of aging. See how this extract helps regulate healthy hormones!

You'll see how this life-giving extract, made by ‘juicing’ a common food, combats each of these threats in detail and MORE on the page below...

Here's How to Protect Yourself and Experience a New Pinnacle of Vitality — While Looking Younger & Feeling Stronger Than You Have in YEARS...

Location: Ontario, Activation Lab Facility
Re: "The most essential substance you can feed your body today..."

This vitality secret has been woven into legends carried through centuries.

The Japanese are known for their longevity and have a reputation for remaining healthy long into their later years.

They also have among the lowest incidence of heart concerns.

And although not all Japanese habits are created equal, for the purposes of ultimate vitality & longevity, there is some very interesting history among their elite...

There is a legend of ancient fishermen living along the coastline of the Suruga Bay who were extraordinarily strong and brimming with vitality due to unknown extracts they were taking.

As Shoguns caught word of this... and after they too began consuming it, they began requiring that all their Samurai warriors ingest this secret extract as well. And even though the extract’s effects exceeded all expectations... no one really knew WHY it actually worked, or what it really was inside, or what it was called.

There was no known reason for its many health & life-giving properties!

This is what they knew: someone caught a deep sea shark (known as a dogfish shark, or aizame) in the Pacific Ocean, extracted oil from its liver... and decided to drink it!

But it wasn't until 1906 that an unsaturated hydrocarbon in this shark liver oil, was actually identified and deemed responsible for all the folklore.

And in 1916, it was publicly announced by its scientific name — Squalene.

At that time, squalene was known to come only from the livers of deep sea sharks

Shark’s livers contain a tremendous amount of squalene... deep sea sharks contain the MOST, which is thought to be what enables them to go DEEPER into the ocean, and for longer periods of time.

The reason being squalene’s unique ability to supply oxygen to the cells.

This is what gives squalene the ability to enhance your body with...

The ‘Blue Zone’ Effect:

How to Oxygenate Your Cells for Longevity

The premier benefit of squalene is its ability to supply oxygen to your cells.

It is when the cells receive the necessary supply of oxygen that the ultimate benefits of squalene are realized. Healthy, oxygen-rich cells help to ensure an efficient body and better conversion of nutrients into energy.

In Dan Buettner’s book about the people who live the LONGEST, he talks about the places where these people tend to live, which he calls…

‘Blue Zones’

The main thing distinguishing these zones from other places was that they were extremely rich in clean oxygen!

Which brings up an important question…

..."What if you don't live on a (clean) beach or in remote mountains?"
Well that's just it!

Squalene Allows You to
Benefit from This Effect
Without Being in an
Oxygen-Rich Blue Zone!

Here's how it works:

Oxygen-rich cells allow for more efficient removal of metabolic waste from cells, providing better bowel movement, urination and efficient disposal through the respiratory system.

All are signs of good health — which is commonly seen when people ingest squalene.

In Japan, and other advanced countries, it's also widely known that stressed people head for either mountain or seaside resorts…

Why? To “get away from it all" and find seclusion, sure. But the other reason is the fresh oxygen supply found in these areas! People innately know it will make them feel better, even though most of them don't know WHY!

But oxygenation is only ONE essential element. There is far more to...

The Miracle of Squalene:

How to Combat the Main Cause of Aging — Using Perhaps the Most Amazing Immune System Supporter EVER Discovered!

Squalene exhibits a remarkable ability to help strengthen the human immune system and is perhaps the most amazing immunity supporter ever discovered.

The main cause of aging is thought to be cellular impairment.

And a major known cause of cellular impairment is oxygen deficiency.

(...Which we covered just a few moments ago, relating to the ‘Blue Zone’ Effect but the rabbit-hole goes much deeper...).

Obviously we know that squalene can enhance your health and combat aging through its oxygenation capabilities... but squalene has many more remarkable traits.

To understand why it's so important to put squalene in your body, let’s start with...

What exactly is squalene?...

Squalene is an unsaturated hydrocarbon and lipid found it small quantities in shark liver, olive, palm and wheat germ oil. However, the richest source of squalene in the world is a plant oil but, until recently, there was no way to extract it from this particular plant.

(You'll learn more about that about in just a minute...)

But here's the most important thing you need to know about squalene itself...

Squalene is the greatest antioxidant lipid in the world!

AND it is also the ultimate skin rejuvenator for everlasting beauty and body health! Which is only logical, considering it's naturally found in your body and makes up about 12% of your skin!

In fact, here are a just a few of squalene's remarkable abilities...

  • Healthy Cellular Growth

    Lack of oxygen is the main cause we’ve identified for unwanted cell growth. Squalene has distinct cellular effects, specifically for maintaining normal cell growth.

    In a study on lung health, squalene was shown to help keep the lungs healthy and promote proper cellular growth.

  • Skin Health

    Squalene prevents lipid peroxidation in human skin surfaces. Lipid peroxidation refers to the oxidative degradation of lipids (fats). It is the process by which free radicals ‘steal’ electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, resulting in cell damage. Squalene is also an extremely effective moisturizer.

    People who put squalene oil on their face and other skin consistently report that it’s the most powerful skin rejuvenator and moisturizer ever used — commonly resulting in softer, more even-toned skin, with a more ‘youthful’ visual appearance!

  • Digestive Health

    They say "you're only as healthy as your gut". Well, squalene is a cytoprotectant, which combats thinning of the intestinal lining and can increase mucosal protection in the stomach.

  • Immune System Health

    Squalene helps keep your immune system healthy. Because of its potent immunity-supporting effects, it helps keep you healthy all year round.

    Squalene is also a source of vitamin D — the "immunity vitamin" — and our bodies can transform squalene into sterols, which can then be converted into more vitamin D!

  • Healthy Cholesterol, HDL

    Cholesterol is absolutely vital to human cell membrane structure. You simply cannot have a properly functioning cell membrane without healthy cholesterol! Up to 80% of dietary squalene is absorbed through the intestinal tract and is converted to cholesterol in the human body!

    This occurs because squalene is a precursor to cholesterol. Squalene is converted into cholesterol via lanosterol. Healthy cholesterol, or HDL — not associated with LDL, or ‘bad cholesterol’ — is absolutely vital to great health.

    HDL also makes up the outer layer of every cell, and your body uses it to produce hormones that are essential for biomechanism. It's also an insulator for the nerves and is important for producing bile acids needed to digest fats in the gut. Thus, a body WITHOUT adequate healthy cholesterol can break down from impaired function.

  • Heart Health

    Because squalene increases HDL, or ‘good cholesterol’, it stimulates excretion of ‘bad cholesterol’ in bile acids — helping improve cholesterol levels and improve heart health

  • Healthy Hormones

    Because squalene is a precursor to important sterols such as cholesterol, it can improve hormone balance, as cholesterol is the basic building block for all bodily hormones.

    Squalene supports the endocrine system because it allows hormones to be made with proper materials. This is especially important for healthy vegans & vegetarians, as there are not a lot of good sources of plant sterols (the main sterol in the human body is cholesterol).

    Affected hormones include testosterone, estrogen, androgens, vitamin D and progesterone.

Experience a ‘Reality-Cracking’ VITALITY!

But the philosophy of seeking these life-extending benefits goes beyond the benefits themselves… and points to the importance of squalene's ability to elevate your body's natural threshold for impairment.

Squalene can help your body "put up with more abuse" from chemicals, toxicity, oxygen deficiency, stress, general cellular impairment and MORE…

These are just a few reasons why you should be ingesting squalene on a daily basis!

And this is EXACTLY why every single person on our team is consuming the highest quality squalene source you can find ANYWHERE on Earth on a daily basis.

...And we think it's IMPERATIVE that you do too. You've also got to protect your health and LIFE from all of the aformentioned culprits, like unwanted cell growth, heart concerns, premature aging and cellular breakdown... which leads to countless miserable symptoms of aging.

Because no matter which insidious threat it is, it always comes back to the CELL.
Which is why there are...

3 Reasons Why a Day Without Squalene
in Today's World is the Equivalent
of Playing ‘Russian Roulette’...

"A day without supplemental squalene, in today’s world, is the equivalent of playing Russian roulette."

Everything begins with a cell.

And everything about your very life depends on your cells and their health.

They are so small, that hundreds of millions of them are contained in less than a half-cubic inch of bodily tissue, yet they contain everything needed for the survival of life.

Cells combine to form tissues, which make up your organs, which together make your body function as a system. But when the system becomes impaired, your health does too!
So you see... everything begins and ends with a CELL.

And there are TRILLIONS of them in our bodies that need nourishment every single day...
OR.... we risk cellular impairment and therefore, rapid aging.

Which is precisely WHY doctors and medical professionals have expressed that the main cause of aging is cellular impairment.

And the cause of most cellular impairment is oxygen deficiency.

(...Which we covered just a few moments ago, in regard to the ‘Blue Zone’ effect but cellular health relies on more than just oxygen.)

...And although squalene has a unique ability to oxygenate your cells, it also serves three other critical roles for protecting and optimizing your cellular health…

  1. Squalene Protects Your Cells

    Squalene has been shown to help keep cellular growth healthy

  2. Squalene Sterilizes Your Cells

    A unique feature of squalene is that it has a natural sterilizing action while remaining completely safe for all the healthy cells in your body!

    This is why fish with especially high squalene levels have amazingly healthy bodies and internal issues in them are almost unheard of!

  3. Squalene Enhances Your Cells

    The protective inner layer of a cell is made up of cholesterol. Squalene is actually a precursor to cholesterol, which has been proven in numerous studies.

    This layer is there to protect the inner environment and life activity inside the cell.

    This enhances the life of the cell, as well as providing anti-aging effects.

Squalene's ability to enhance your cells greatly strengthens your body’s overall ability to stay healthy.

So by now, you probably want to ensure that you're feeding your body (healthy) squalene on a daily basis... as if your life depended on it.

...Because, we'd all rather be safe than sorry!

Which obviously brings us to a critical question you're probably now wondering...

Where Can You Find the Greatest Source of Squalene to Feed Your Body?

"The greatest challenge is producing a consistently high-quality product with the highest percentage of squalene. Manufacturing squalene is much harder than imagined."

Finding a rich and intact source of healthy, undamaged squalene is like trying to find plutonium to fuel your DeLorean to go ‘back to the future’...

The PROBLEM is, until recently you would have had to catch a dogfish shark, no easy feat considering they are most commonly found about 10,000 feet deep in the ocean’s darkness. Then, you'd have to kill it.

THEN you'd have to (safely) and properly extract oil from its liver and encapsulate it on the spot.

...Then comes the FUN PART... after you consume it, you get to do it all over again!
Now, sure, you can ease this pain by purchasing some.

...But it can run you several hundred dollars even for a small bottle.

And even though it seems like quite a strenuous venture... that's how people, including the Japanese, have benefitted from the miraculous health benefits of squalene over the last several hundred years!p Plus, in these modern industrial days, shark liver oils can be severely compromised, damaged or infused with toxicity and even dangerous heavy metals!

Not ideal.
Which is why our research team and I are REALLY EXCITED to tell you...

How We Discovered the Richest Source of Squalene in Existence
— WITHOUT Murdering Sharks!

NEW! Extraordinary Plant Extract Contains the Purest & Highest Amount of Squalene in the World — Along With an Additional Arsenal of ‘Life-Giving’ Nutrients!

This has been made possible by ‘juicing’ this ancient food seed — one of the Aztec's secret superfoods

...Up until now, the richest source of squalene was found only in the livers of Aizame (dogfish) sharks. But now we know that a plant-based oil has up to 10 times the amount of squalene as shark liver oil and is a safer and purer vegetarian source!

The problem is... up until now, no one knew how to properly press it into oil without damaging and oxidizing its delicate nutritional properties.

Which is why, up until now, nobody has been able to benefit from...

Juicing the Ancient Heirloom Food Seed

This plant, which was originally identified in Greece over 6,000 years ago and discovered by the Aztecs, was thought to contain supernatural qualities for health and vitality.

...And just as the Japanese found with shark liver oil, the Aztecs believed that consuming this plant imparted increased energy and strength.

Well, it turns out, the Japanese and the Aztecs were BOTH RIGHT…

Because just as the dogfish shark liver oil was discovered to contain large amounts of squalene in the early 1900s, it turns out that Amaranth contains a large amount of squalene too!

They were consuming the SAME substance! But here's the kicker…

*When you press amaranth seeds into OIL, it becomes the richest squalene source in the world!

In fact...

This Potent 100% Vegetarian Extract Contains Up to 10 TIMES More Squalene Than Shark Liver Oil!

And although amaranth is gaining popularity today throughout the world for its rich benefits of healing and restoring health, its history of medicinal use goes back a long way...

Discovered in Greece over 6,000 years ago, amaranth means "everlasting", because amaranth flowers do not wilt. And together with its astonishing effects on vitality, the Aztecs made Amaranth their primary food to the extent that it was the first known use of the 80/20 rule! 80% of the Aztecs’ caloric intake consisted of amaranth. This is the ultimate Warrior Food for energy and longevity. Consuming the oil from amaranth (rather than eating whole seeds) boosts the nutritional value to your body by 20 times!

But what we're talking about today is FAR MORE EXCITING…

Because we’re talking about a powerful, concentrated oil extract from amaranth’s very seeds! That's what makes this so extraordinary!

What we are talking about is:

Concentrated ‘Longevity in a Bottle!’

Because we now have a way to increase the natural squalene and overall potency of amaranth by several hundred times!

You see, the amaranth seeds that come from the flower are usually only eaten — drastically limiting the true life-elevating potential of this magnificent plant... Because the seed oil is extracted from amounts far too large to ever consume by eating it!

The ONLY problem, up until now... is that amaranth has not only been very challenging to press because the delicate essential properties of the oil were being damaged.

We use our proprietary pressing technology to the maximum in order to press our Amaranth Oil perfectly. It took several years and multiple stages of research and development to enable the pressing of pure, raw, amaranth oil.

Because of amaranth’s high levels of squalene, along with a bundle of other potent nutritional properties... figuring out a way to press pure amaranth seed oil became an essential goal.

After all, we've begun producing the healthiest seed oils on the planet, and this one was a MUST! Because the high amount of squalene certainly gives AMARANTH OIL outstanding characteristics…

...But That's Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’!
Squalene is Just ONE Nutrient in This Extract!

As amazing as squalene is, the HUGE benefit of amaranth oil, is that the miracles don't stop there!

There are other equally important nutritional characteristics & components.

Amaranth oil is also a rich source of vitamins, like E, and essential fatty acids, including the heart-healthy oleic acid commonly associated with olive oil and about 40% linoleic acid which can NOT be produced in the human body... yet is required for vital cellular process!

The oil is also loaded with health-enhancing peptides and phytochemicals such as rutin, nicotiflorin, lunasin... and, of course, its unparalleled amount of squalene.

But this ‘perfect storm’ of nutrients can improve your health in a number of VITAL miraculous ways... and squalene only supplies roughly HALF of them!

We'll talk about them in a minute, but this is absolutely WHY our team has literally spent years attempting to unlock the possibilities by figuring out a way to safely press amaranth seeds into a much more potent, concentrated seed oil extract...

Well, today, we're ecstatic to announce...

Activation Products produces the ONLY 100% Perfectly Pressed, completely nutritionally-intact Amaranth Oil available in the world and EVER produced!


Pure Amaranth Oil Concentrated Longevity Superfood

Rich in Squalene!

For the first time EVER, amaranth seeds have been unlocked without any damage!

After years of vigorous trial & error, we are pleased to present the purest source of the highest quality amaranth oil in existence.

And with nearly 10% squalene — that's rich, pure, intact and undamaged, this one-of-a-kind amaranth oil is easily…

The Only Squalene Source You Could EVER Need!

Amaranth oil contains the highest amount of squalene, much more than shark liver oil, which contains only 0-2%.

But like we mentioned, squalene is just the "tip of the iceberg"... because amaranth oil is a much larger powerhouse of nutrition LOADED with additional life essentials…

amaranth seeds

Our 100% Organic Amaranth Oil, contains;

  • Squalene

    is considered to be a great antioxidant and anti-aging substance, also a basic component of human skin which retains oxygen and also provides it to your organs and cells, through its powerful oxygenation effects!

  • Lunasin

    is another peptide in amaranth oil, also considered to possess cell-supporting properties, has been shown to inhibit the development of unwanted cellular growth, with a unique ability to penetrate the nucleus of cells!

  • Oleic acid

    is an unsaturated fatty acid, which improves the metabolism, especially in people who need it most. The oleic acid supports heart and vascular function as well.

  • Linoleic acid

    is a multi-unsaturated fatty acid, which cannot be formed within the human body and therefore belongs to the essential nutritional components which are necessary for virtually ALL cellular processes of the body. Amaranth oil is 40% linoleic acid.

  • Vitamin E (tocopherol)

    is a fat-soluble vitamin that has protective antioxidative effects, similar to squalene!

  • Folate

    is an important nutrient for women of childbearing age.

Why Amaranth Does a Body ‘Good-er’ Than Milk
  • Amaranth Oil Has Lysine to Strengthen Bones!

    Lysine is an essential amino acid that the body can't manufacture. Lysine helps metabolize fatty acids into energy, absorb calcium and even keep the hair on your head! Lysine also plays a role in the formation of collagen, which is vital for strong bones, as well as building muscle and producing energy!

  • Amaranth Oil Contains Essential Fatty Acids!

    These are necessary for virtually every bodily function, including cell membrane structure, blood lipid level control, brain function, metabolic rate, various skin disorders, digestion and MORE!

  • Amaranth Oil Has Potent Polyphenols for your Brain!

    Rutin and nicotiflorin, two polyphenols found in amaranth oil, promote a healthy inflammation response and have antioxidant properties. There is evidence that they also have a neuroprotective effect. A recent study found that they not only decreased inflammatory cytokines, but also aided in the repair of brain cells!

...And although these nutritional characteristics of amaranth oil are impressive, there's FAR MORE to its many irresistible benefits...

Reap All the Benefits of Amaranth's Rich, Intact Squalene, Plus MUCH MORE!

Some of the health benefits of amaranth oil include…

  • Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response: The properties of the peptides in amaranth oil can ease pain and reduce inflammation. This is especially important for blood sugar and heart health.
  • Helps Respiratory Health: Amaranth is a valuable remedy for promoting respiratory health. Mix a teaspoon of oil with fresh juice and honey as a remedy to promote clear breathing.
  • Female Reproductive Health, Healthy Babies: The rich folate content of amaranth is important for women of childbearing age. This vitamin is necessary for the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy.
  • Supports Brain Function: Regular use of squalene improves mental performance, memory function and improves resistance against psychic stress.
  • Supports Your Immune System: Amaranth oil supports immune function and helps you stay healthy all year long.
  • Healthy Oxygenating Effect: Squalene is a high-quality, unsaturated hydrocarbon which studies indicate is capable of supplying cells with much-needed oxygen. This increased oxygen produces a more efficient metabolic process, enhancing energy and metabolism at the cellular level.
  • Detoxification: Natural, pure squalene functions in our bodies as part of the detoxifying system and may help to protect us against foreign substances which can weaken or cause damage to our natural defense systems.
  • Antioxidant: Because squalene is so easily absorbed (up to 80% from dietary sources), it can penetrate cell membranes and plays a versatile role as a potent antioxidant in the cells of the body's organs.
  • Supports Eyesight: Amaranth has been long used as a natural way to improve eyesight.
  • Digestive Problems: Amaranth oil promotes a healthy mucus membrane in the intestine and digestive tract. It is also beneficial for treatment of occasional diarrhea and other GI tract conditions.
  • Blood Sugar: A recent study confirmed amaranth oil supplementation improves glucose and lipid metabolism in rats.

And I'm pleased to say...

Yes. There's More! A Lot MORE...

As if there has yet to be enough, amaranth oil also...

  • Increases energy!
  • Helps relieve pain and promotes a healthy inflammation response!
  • Aids in healthy improvement of the circulatory system!
  • Can help with overall well-being!
  • Helps promote respiratory health!
  • Improves healing!
  • Increases your white blood cell count!
  • Helps prevent your skin from drying and/or flaking!
  • Helps support your body’s natural detoxification processes!
  • Helps eliminate acne, and other skin conditions!
  • Helps prevent health damaging dehydration!
  • Helps relieve daily fatigue!
  • Helps with food sensitivities!
  • Supports the liver!
  • Aids in reducing unwanted mood swings!
  • Helps relieve joint discomfort!
  • Helps with pre-menstrual syndrome!
  • Aids in weight loss and weight control!
  • Helps relieve headaches!
  • Improves mental performance and memory!

You can see how remarkable this extract is, and WHY you want it in your body EVERY DAY! And as if you needed any more reasons:

Forget the Cheerios...

Daily Amaranth Oil is Healthy For Your Heart and Improves Cholesterol


Consuming amaranth on a consistent, daily basis has remarkable implications. Not just for energy, general well-being or ‘feeling great’... it also possesses potentially life-saving characteristics, including cellular health, cholesterol improving capabilities and heart-healthy benefits.
So let's take a look at them here...


Adding amaranth oil to your daily menu may be one of the best ways to promote healthy cellular growth.

Earlier, we discussed how a lack of oxygen is the main known reason for unwanted cell growth in the body. This is ‘cellular oxygen deficiency’.

Amaranth's high squalene content helps oxygenate your cells, supports your immune system and is a source of vitamin D.

But lunasin, another peptide in amaranth oil is also considered to possess anti-cancer properties.

Lunasin has been shown to inhibit the development of unwanted cells, with a unique ability to penetrate the nuclei of cells.


Recently, researchers confirmed amaranth oil's heart-healthy benefits in humans and its ability to reduce the occurrence of heart related problems.

It not only improved total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in more than 100 patients, it also significantly improved blood pressure and aided in promoting a healthy heart rhythm.

Additionally, amaranth oil can be functional for protecting your heart...

In another study, researchers gave all participants daily amaranth oil to add to their already low-sodium diet. Both their cholesterol and blood pressure improved in just three weeks. The amaranth proved more effective than a healthy diet and low sodium alone.

How it works:

Amaranth seed oil is packed with potent bioactive peptides which help the functioning of our circulatory systems.

Amaranth's stanols, squalene and other potent inhibitors prevent absorption of bad cholesterol and aid in its excretion in bile acids.

A daily dose of squalene alone can improve the level of cholesterol in blood and support your heart health. Also, the phytosterols in amaranth oil help improve cholesterol levels, including LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides.

These are some of the general reasons for amaranth’s protective effects for heart and cholesterol issues and are likely why amaranth oil is so beneficial for those worried about maintaining their heart health.

So with its cell-protecting properties, potent antioxidant levels and heart healthy effects... consistent consumption of amaranth oil can help your body maintain a solid core of health!

Plus, let's not forget its long embedded history of increasing strength, energy and overall vitality!
And hey...

If You're Going to FEEL Younger...

You Might as Well LOOK YOUNGER Too!

"The Perfect Press Amaranth Oil is the best skin rejuvenator, moisturizer, and tone balancer I've ever used"

~Mariel H.

Our Amaranth Oil has been described as "the best skin rejuvenator, moisturizer, and tone balancer ever used" by multiple consumers!

Here's why that may be...

Amaranth seed oil has a unique spectrum of unsaturated fatty acids with a rich level of squalene, tocopherols and tocotrienols.

This makes the oil effective raw material for skin care and why subpar or poorly processed versions are used widely in commercial skin care products.

But pure amaranth oil is also a rich source of vitamin E and vitamin C which are additionally great for skin health.

In fact, the squalene in the oil can...

Slow Skin Aging and Development of Wrinkles!

This is why the external application of amaranth oil can help dramatically improve skin quality, slowing the aging of skin, development of wrinkles and damage due to harsh environments.

And surprisingly, amaranth oil also helps protect against other unwanted skin conditions.

However, the squalene in amaranth oil improves the biological qualities of skin, whether taken internally OR externally!

For external application purposes, amaranth oil is a natural moisturizer, penetrates the skin quickly, leaves no greasy feeling on the skin, blends well with other oils and NEVER irritates the skin!

But amaranth oil isn't limited to the skin, when it comes to ‘making you look pretty’ either... It also...

Helps Prevent Graying and Hair Loss Too!

Amaranth oil has also been long used as home remedy for prevention of graying of hair. The application of amaranth oil also prevents hair loss and supports pigmentation.

And actually, because of the benefits of amaranth oil for hair, today there are patents involving amaranth oil for hair compositions. Many users also claim to have found improved hair texture and lustre!

For full hair loss benefits you want to both ingest the amaranth oil — and ALSO apply a small amount directly to your hair.

And we'll save you the trouble...

Don't Waste Time Shopping Competitors...
There Are NONE!

First off, we aren't out to monopolize the marketplace.

But when it comes to amaranth, and quite frankly ALL SEED OILS, there is not a single other pressing process that matches our Perfect Press Technology™ in terms of quality and purity.

And although we employ this proprietary technology throughout our entire line of Perfect Press Oils, Amaranth — as mentioned earlier — has taken us YEARS to perfect and is a much more difficult oil to press, while leaving it in pure, virgin form... as if it never left the seed!

Which is why this is the literally the FIRST TIME EVER, that the ‘blueprint of life’ from amaranth seeds has been unlocked organically & perfectly... without any damage whatsoever!

When you can press seeds this way, you can tap into the essence of life itself at the highest possible level, in the purest, most concentrated form, EVER.

But in regards to amaranth, you're also talking about extremely delicate super-nutrients like lunasin and squalene, that are so susceptible to damage during all conventional pressing processes.

Which is why:

There isn't a SINGLE other company, anywhere in the WORLD that produces a 100% nutritionally-intact, Perfectly Pressed™ pure Amaranth Oil!

It simply isn't cost effective for most companies, nor has any other producer of seed oils trenched through the grueling process of discovery to make such a pure pressing of oil even possible.

It was only through years of engineering and testing that this technology was developed and perfected.

Here, you can read all about out our exclusive Perfect Press Technology™, used to press this one-of-a-kind organic amaranth seed oil:

Perfect Press Technology™

True, pure seed oils are an anomaly. Because (until now), they didn't exist. As you read this entire section, your eyes will be opened as to why.

And you'll likely never think about consuming alternative oils ever again. The reality isn't pretty, but the explanation is very simple;

Pressing pure amaranth oil, comes down to 3 things:
  1. Where the amaranth is SOURCED from.
  2. How the seeds are PRESSED.
  3. How the pressed oil is STORED.

With every single one of our Perfect Press Oils, you'll see how an enormous amount of effort has gone into perfecting each one of these steps.

But rather than just take our word for it, it's important for you, and to us that you understand WHY and HOW we've perfected the sensitive creation of the world's healthiest seed oils!

We want you to internalize this reality, so that you can carry this token of knowledge with you from today forward... and so you may pass it on to your friends and loved ones.
So let's get started.
It all starts with...

  1. Where the amaranth is SOURCED from

The place of origin and quality of the seeds used to produce the seed oil is crucial. Because such large amounts of the seed are used to produce such a small amount of oil, you are ingesting several hundred times the amount of the inner-nutrients (and contaminants) of the original food.

Obviously this is what can make seed oils so valuable and health-elevating. But with anything, you get the good with the bad… If the seeds used to produce the oils are full of harmful toxins then you're also getting a concentrated dose of those too! Which brings up...

WARNING #1: Avoid Guzzling Concentrated Toxins!

COMMON OIL-PRODUCING PRACTICES: Commonly sourced seeds are prone to nutrient deficiency, chemical & pesticide residues, genetic modification and heavy metals. It's very important to note that seed oils are concentrated extracts from much larger sources of product than you'd be able to regularly consume by eating the whole seeds — and don't contain the fiber to bind to dangerous toxins found in commonly sourced seeds. Because of this concentration, the benefits can be tremendous, but purity is vital.


Every single one of our amaranth seeds is sourced for the highest potential quality.

We stick to clean regions with pure air, and never allow the use of pesticides, fungicides or any other "chemical toxin". Our sources are also sought for healthy soil, quality growing practices and land untainted by toxic chemical residues or dangerous heavy metals.

We are very careful to buy only certified organic seeds that are fresh harvested. Each batch has to meet a strict criteria for freshness. They are lab tested for quality showing far superior numbers than any other oils on the market.

The combination of careful sourcing and Perfect Press Technology operations result in stable, fully beneficial, therapeutic seed oils — without any compromised quality. In our Amaranth Oil all seeds are 100% certified organic and tested for freshness in every batch!

  1. How the Seeds are PRESSED

Pressing seed oils is a very delicate process.
Unfortunately, it is not often treated as such...

There are 3 main oil pressing techniques:

  1. Hydraulic pressing
  2. Traditional “cold” expeller pressing
  3. Solvent-extraction (*worst)

These technologies go from bad to worse and each one takes a period of time, pressing, grinding or processing. Each severely compromises the oils and the life once inside them.

When you ingest any oils that we've found made using any one of these common techniques you get oil that's subpar and usually damaging to your body. Plus, they often contain chemical solvents, which brings forth...

WARNING #2: Beware of Hexane-Infused Poison!

COMMON OIL-PRODUCING PRACTICES: All seed oil companies use one or a combination of the three most common oil pressing techniques described just above. These processes, some more than others, compromise the LIFE inside of the oils and many times rely on damaging heat and even harmful chemicals to (improperly) extract the oils from their seeds.

In fact... If you press any seed incorrectly, it becomes DAMAGING to your body!

And unfortunately, any of the common pressing technologies are certain to result in some degree of rancidity. Yes, even "cold pressing" technology uses damaging friction, an untimely press or heats the seeds PRIOR to pressing!

In addition, these subpar oils don’t even get properly absorbed, because the digestion of oils is clearly retarded by their rancidity!

And now that you have damaged, nutrient deficient oils... often added into the mix are toxic chemical solvents like hexane and even those commonly found in GASOLINE!

Lastly, this improper pressing of the seed oils also triggers the need for required refrigeration to help slow the rancidity process. As you can see, this process doesn't leave much integrity left, nor does it offer any purity that can be considered safe for consumption.


Pressing seed oils is an art.

There is a very sensitive process if you want to keep the “life in the seeds" intact. First, seed oils need to be extracted exceptionally slowly and meticulously to deliver perfectly intact nutrients.

If they are not, they're damaged. Plain and simple. Our Perfect Press Technology™ allows the oil to be extracted from seeds, without "graduating" the pressed oil into a morphed state.

This is CRUCIAL, because this proprietary process allows us to press pure seed oils that remain in their original, intact or otherwise "virgin" state.

...Thus, producing the first, and ONLY pure 100% intact seed oils you can get!

All our seed oils are produced using exclusive Perfect Press Technology™ and capture pure, intact life 100% of the time.

  1. How the Pressed Seed Oil is STORED

The container seed oils are placed in is extremely important.
When a seed oil is stored in typical plastic, or even "quality glass" containers, you can get oil that's RANCID.

And when this occurs, you get oil that's subpar, that can be damaging to your body. Which brings us to…

WARNING #3: Don't Consume Rancid Oils!

COMMON OIL-PRODUCING PRACTICES: Nearly all available seed oil products are stored in plastic, glass and occasionally, dark glass containers all enabling the rancidity cycle to be triggered, and/or agitating an already existing state of rancidity.

Because of this, nearly all seed oils require refrigeration to slow-down rancidity! Healthy, intact, undamaged seed oils do NOT require refrigeration.


Any fresh-pressed seed oil, including Amaranth, is extremely susceptible to irreversible damage, and MUST be immediately stored in a container that preserves its freshness, and stops light from turning your oils RANCID.

We've found only one container that accomplishes this:
The Miron bottle protects sensitive products from the quality-lessening influences of light.

"MIRON violet glass offers a unique possibility to maintain the value of the products at the same high level of quality over a very LONG period of time." All our oils are instantly sealed in new premium Miron bottles, upon pressing.

And that's why our seed oils are always preserved fresh, 100% of the time because the purest Seed oils would mean very little if they weren't completely protected! Combined with our proprietary Perfect Press Technology™, our Perfect Press Oils DON'T require refrigeration and retain an unprecedented 3 YEAR shelf-life!

Simply put, our oils are the purest seed oils you will find — anywhere on the planet!

Our proprietary-pressing process uses NO solvents or heat and has ZERO friction, which is also why our unique oils don't oxidize!

So you can see why our patented Perfect Press Technology™ extraction method is deemed —

"The Only Pure One"

Again, nothing else out there compares to this classic ‘Longevity in a Bottle’...

Our revolutionary Amaranth Oil significantly increases your health on many levels!

Every part of your body, from your brain and heart to your respiratory and digestive systems, to your muscles and joints, are dynamically enhanced when you add Perfect Press Amaranth Oil to your daily regimen — your spirit LIFTS, your vitality improves and life becomes more joyous to live!

For the first time EVER — seeds have been unlocked without ANY damage...

Perfect Press Oils contain the DNA "blueprint of life" and are the perfect blend of nutritional seed oils containing 100% Life Energy™ using the most advanced German Perfect Press Technology™!

You are going to *love* this new experience...

You Have Chosen Wisely:
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To do that, we need to combat aging and feed our bodies LIFE.

Seeds, such as amaranth represent the “beginning of life". Along with its bundle of life-essential nutritional properties and incredibly rich untapped source of miraculous squalene, pure amaranth oil can be THE WEAPON you need to aid your body in its battle of healthy aging!

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Since every detail has to be monitored and controlled to ensure top quality in every bottle, we cannot and WILL NOT rush to mass produce this oil.

And it is going to be a while until we can properly press more, though we do have plans to significantly grow our production capacity over the next few years.


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